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In the second half of the twentieth century war raged in
Vietnam. It was hard to know if it would ever end, and harder still to
understand fully the rights and wrongs of the various protagonists. At
last, the North Vietnamese turned out to be tough, resilient, and
ultimately victorious. Patience in adversity sums up the Vietnamese
character. After reunification in 1975 the Vietnamese experienced many
difficulties. The immediate postwar years were harsh. Some fled into
exile; others underwent “rehabilitation” to make them fit to
live in a Communist state. To this were added economic hardships and
even starvation. Since then, however, life has been transformed. The
decision to abandon the centrally planned economy in favor of a
“socialist market economy” was a bold step, as was the
decision to throw open the doors and invite the world to invest in the
new Vietnam. Visitors today will find a confident, independent people,
nursing few if any grudges about the war. They are open and friendly,
with a sense of humor and irony, and frankly curious about the outside
world. Kind and generally helpful toward strangers, they are
industrious, shrewd, and determined to improve their lot. Culture
Smart! Vietnam
outlines the history, culture, traditions,
sensibilities, and modern way of life of the Vietnamese. It explains
certain deep-seated attitudes, describes some of the social and cultural
changes now under way, and gives practical advice on what to expect and
how to behave in unfamiliar situations. It aims to help you discover
for yourself the warmth and vast potential of this fascinating country
and its delightful people.

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