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For more than two decades, the type book of choice for design
professionals and students

Typographic design has been a field in
constant motion since Gutenberg first invented movable type. Staying
abreast of recent developments in the field is imperative for both
design professionals and students. Thoroughly updated to maintain its
relevancy in today's digital world, Typographic Design, Fifth
continues to provide a comprehensive overview of every
aspect of designing with type.

This Fifth Edition of the
bestselling text in the field offers detailed coverage of such essential
topicsas the anatomy of letters and type families, typographic syntax
and communication, design aesthetics, and designing for legibility.
Supplementing these essential topics are theoretical and structural
problem-solving approaches by some of the leading design educators
across the United States. Unwrapping the underlying concepts about
typographic form and message, Typographic Design, Fifth Edition
includes four pictorial timelines that illustrate the evolution of
typography and writing within the context of world events—from the
origins of writing more than 5,000 years ago to contemporary
typographic applications.

Features in this new edition

  • A new chapter that analyzes typography on

  • New case studies featuring typographic design
    in books, information graphics, web design, and environmental design

  • New designer profiles that reveal innovative typographic
    design processes

  • Material presented in full color
    throughout with many new images

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Reviews for Typographic Design: Form and Communication:


Jul 10, 2009

I was intrigued by the film "Helvetica" and decided to try one of MIT's free online courses http://tiny.cc/a4Xr0 "Fundamentals of Computational Media Design." This is the textbook. It's fascinating.

Oct 24, 2014

I bought this book for a class on typography in college. It gives all the basic rules and information about typography which is very helpful for graphic designers or anyone else who wants to learn more about typography. Great book for reference!

Jan 25, 2010

A much more in-depth look at typography. Currently reading, so I will have a better idea of how I like it when I finish it.

Nov 21, 2012

A classic to be read and re-read. If you like this and are interested in the larger scope of graphic design, look for Megg's History of Graphic Design - the granddaddy textbook of graphic design.

Oct 07, 2019

The book is worth revisit and its plenty of useful information about typography.

Jul 20, 2011

I'm finding this to be really fascinating. It goes into depth no other typography 'manual' I've read has.

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