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Staying Safe—It’s in Your Hands
There are
countless reasons why bad things—robberies, assaults,
accidents—happen to good people. There are also powerful and
effective methods for reducing the risk that you or a loved one will
become a victim, and you’ll find them all right here in this
comprehensive bible of personal safety. Tom Patire’s Personal
Protection Handbook
is designed to let you become your own best
defense, when something—or someone—goes
Developed by the country’s leading personal
protection expert, here are hundreds of invaluable safety tips, as well
as simple, physical moves that can be mastered by just about anybody,
regardless of physical strength. Tom Patire offers methods for
protecting yourself, your family, and your personal property in nearly
any situation.
• AT HOME: Burglarproo?ng your property,
including how to take action if your house is being broken into, plus
tips for avoiding common household accidents
• ON THE JOB: What
to do if you’re working late, why you should never ignore the
office fire drill, and how to handle the threatening stranger who
follows you onto the elevator
• WITH THE KIDS: Searching for a
lost child, school and playground safety, protecting your child from
predators, and Tom’s Family Protection Plan
ROAD: How to react if your car is being followed, navigating airport
security, traveling or walking in an unfamiliar area, and hotel
Here is commonsense advice on dozens of topics, ranging
from physical confrontations with “bad guys” to preventing
identity theft, topped off with Tom’s easy-to-learn, nonviolent
tactics, clearly illustrated. Whether you’re a single woman, a
parent of young children, or just a concerned citizen at a time when
everyday safety has become a necessity, Tom Patire’s Personal
Protection Handbook
is a vital reference from a trusted expert that
will empower and inform you.

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Reviews for Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Keep Yourself, Your Family, and Your Assets Safe:


May 20, 2006

Information To Teh Safer Side
A family from my town in Wisconsin recently appeared on the Montel Show. Watching the show one had to feel for the terrible ordeal that the family went through during their violent home invasion. At the end of the show Montel brought out a security expert named Tom Patire. Mr. Patire's comments were for everyday people and his tone and way of speaking showed his compasion for human life and left me feeling empowered. This led me to buy his book. The book is beter than good - it is excellent. It's for all ages from teens to seniors and is filled with unlimted, priceless information on how to keep you and the people you love, safe. Montel open my eyes to what can happen and Tom Patire gave me the information on how not to let it happen or what to do if.

Montel - Great Show!

Tom Patire - Great Book!!

October 14, 2003

Could Be Better!
I impatiently awaited for this title to be released only to be disappointed. The author essentially begins the book by bragging about who he is and about how many training centers he has acrossed the country. Little of which, has anything to do with the subject at hand. He then follows this up with minor vague safety tips and gives the reader little solid instruction. As if that wasn't enough, he then describes 5 very questionable self-defense techniques. Techniques that likely work extremely well in a controlled instructional environment against willing training partners but will unlikely work against the average mugger or rapist who happens to be big, mean, and high on drugs.
I would suggest that people interested in saving their lives or the lives of their loved ones, purchase the following titles- "Strong On Defense" by Sandford Strong, "The Gift of Fear" by Gavine De Becker, "Defensive Living" by Bo Hardy, and "Protecting The Gift" by Gavine De Becker.

December 29, 2005

Seems like a rehash
I read lots of books like this, and I found absolutely nothing new in here. In fact, it looked a bit familiar. With the checklists, the boxed tips, the statistics and the vignettes, it looked an awful lot to me like Be Alert, Be Aware, Have A Plan: The Complete Guide to Protecting Yourself, Your Home, Your Family, by Neal Rawls. Really, it looks like Patire got his whole idea on how to present his material from the Be Alert book (which, by the way, was a much much better book). I say don't bother.

January 19, 2006

Great For Mom's!
We hired Tom Patire to speak at our annual PTA event here in Chicago. I was on the committee that sought him out after I read his book and saw him on Fox. The book is an updated look into safety and has some similarities of other books in this catergory but it is written in much different, more people friendly format.

Tom takes the approach of easing the reader into different safety issues by relating them to factual events in his life. Because of that the book reads life a story of safety and not like a book of boring statistics. I loved the Tom's Tips but really was intrigued to his child safety training since I am a single mother of two young girls.

What really hit home was how Tom talks about 'seeing from their eyes' and their being the children of the world. The book can be used in different ways. For example it can be used as a guide to safety issues like when you travel or safety at home. It can also be used as a call to urgency because safety is usually not a subject that we like to think about or address.

It gets even better should you attend Tom's talk. Tom is a big, in-shape, charismatic guy that has a empowering way of getting you involved in his lecture which he calls 'Safer Life!' From his opening statement to his closing remarks Tom's becomes the big brother that we all wish we had and presents safety with out installing fear.

I gave his book 5 stars as I did Gavin DeBecker's book. But Patire's talk is the missing piece to the safety puzzle. It's one I would recommend for all people, especially single mom's to attend.

Have A Blessed Day!

Kim K.

December 9, 2003

Good - But mostly common sense
Perhaps I'm more cautious than some folks, but I found little in this book I didn't already know. Oh, there were a few things to add to my arsenal of self protection so it was worth the buy. But mostly this is just common sense stuff.
Having said that, many folks, especially young people who have not lived long enough to understand danger, would be greatly helped by this book. We tend to go along talking on our cell phones and not paying one whit of attention to our surroundings. That's when we get in trouble.
So my advice, buy the book and get all you can from it. It sure won't hurt you and it just might save your life.
Susanna K. Hutcheson
Executive Copy Director LLC

August 31, 2005

very solid guide to personal protection
I highly recommend this book on all levels. As a martial artist who has done many martial arts, I have to say, this information really rings true. For example, he states, the goal of self-defense should be to "stun and run" - which almost anyone who knows the field will tell you. For example, where I train, we "stay and commit", but most of us are pretty highly trained. I have also done some of the "military martial arts" that Tom describes, and to be honest, in a "bad" situtation that I can't talk my way out of, i count on it to save my life, and I have been trained to "fight through the adrenaline dump" by the Israelis I trained with. But I also realize, most people don't have time to do that kind of training. So Tom's program is really useable for people who don't want to become experts in the martial arts. His book is full of lots of information that can literally save your life (for instance, have a map before you visit a new city, etc.). The book is full of anecdotes of personal protection. I particularly liked his advice on using your eyes to scan a room, and how to confront a "bad guy" who is sizing you up (you basically stare through him to let him know you are not afraid). A lot of his advice comes down to projecting confidence and not being a "victim", becuase universally, bad guys go after people whose body language, eyes, and positure suggest that they are not willing to defend themselves. So this is an excellent book on personal protection that I would highly recommend to anyone, from the beginning to the true pro.

May 22, 2005

Fox Special - Stranger Danger
I saw the Fox special on Friday night with Tom Patire as the featured safety expert. I thought the combination of John Duesman and Tom Patire made for an informative and empowering show. I let my kids stay up to watch it and they loved it.

This led me to buy Tom's book, which I just read. The book fills in all the unanswered questions that I had that the show left out. It also gave me a reference point and a frame of mind to understand personal and child safety on an entirely different level.

The book is not just a gathering of worthwhile information. It has great stories that act as the lead in to different safety issues. It is very well written and has a very creative lay-out using checklists and Tom's Tips as reference points. I am a school teacher in New York and on Monday I plan to share my thoughts and overall review on the book as well as the show.

I am glad we have people out their like Tom Patire and networks like FOX educating us on safety issues. I would recommend Tom's book to anyone that has a question about general, personal or child safety. It is well worth the money to buy it and well worth the time to read it!

March 7, 2007

Great Overall Protection Manual
This is a very comprehensive book on personal protection. It is far broader than a street self defense manual. It covers all kinds of self defense and safety issues.

It is very broad in its scope. Here are a few of the areas it addresses: street self defense, fire safety, mobs, traveling in strange cities, online shopping, and much more. As you can see, it is far reaching.

Prior to reading this, I never would have guessed that an author could cover such a broad range so well in such a relatively small book.

I would recommend this book for anyone who would like to improve his/her overall personal and family safety. There are numerous tips for parents of small children that are excellent.

You really can't go wrong with this book. It will stimulate lots of thought for most readers.

April 4, 2004

Not Enough
After reviewing this book I was disapointed at the content and focus on the author and his tales. I was anticipating more relevant information in regards to safety and how to defend against an attack.
The karate moves that were shown in this book would not work against an attacker who is realing trying to harm you.
If you are looking for a book on self defense, check out one of the many titles written by New Jersey's self defense expert Michael DePasquale Jr.
All in all, the book lacked the actual content that I was looking for.

February 3, 2004

Very Disapointing
I met Tom Patiri at a martial arts show. After speaking with some of his associates I decided to purchase the book. What a laugh. The tips are as common as look both ways before crossing the street The greatest laugh I had after skimming through the book was the made up stories. My wife and me said there was no way possible that half these stories could be true. Anyone with common sense can see this.
I did an internet search and found these reviews and miraculously they were all positive. very strange. I felt that I had to contribute my opinion.
Jonathon Pederson

December 13, 2004

Amusing Read
I found this book amusing & holding my attention throughout. As far as a safety book, I think there was more common sense stuff than anything groundbreaking or new. Typical retread saftey tip info however like I said it was amusing. The stories although I believe some to be fictitious were enjoyable.

I recommend the book to read on the pure merit that it wont hurt you but don't expect anything spectacular.

March 31, 2005

The Fox Special Report
On Tuesday I had all my children stay up and watch the Fox special report on child abduction. As a mother I realized that they needed to hear about friendly strangers but I was also worried that the segment might be a bit too much. My kids are ages 8 - 11.

The Fox segment was excellent. It showed the truth about child abductions in society and the reporter John was very good but the safety expert Tom Patire is what kept my kids and me interested. The tips of how to become an obstacle and draw attention to oneself was great but the education on how these strangers use ploys of them being policemen or firemen is what opened my eyes that these predators will do anything to get to a child.

After the segment on went on Amazon and ordered Tom's book and read it in one sitting. See I never knew much about safety just like many of my friends. But Tom's book is not only informative and empowering but it is very interesting. The stories and things about Tom's life mixed with his tips and checklists make this book a must read. In fact my 11 year old starting reading the child safety section.

It is a shame that we have to worry about these things but that is the world of today. I am glad that Fox did such a good segment but even gladder that a person name Tom Patire found a way to stimulate our senses regarding safety. What is so profound is that Tom's presentation and book do it in such a positive, empowering way instead of scaring people with gruesome statistics he enlightens people with a kinder, gentler approach!

August 10, 2015

Safety from an expert.
Great book by an expert. Basically a 101 in personal defense. I would highly recommend this book for someone wanting to feel safer.

August 18, 2017

A must have book
A must have. Practical tips and a good read!

February 9, 2013

My Personal Body Guard
If I could afford my own personal body guard, I would want it to be Patire! This is exactly what every citizen who values their personal protection needs!

November 13, 2003

Thinking about the great times I had in college I decided to search for some of my fellow graduates at William Paterson University. The first person I looked up on the internet was Tom Patire. Boy has he come a long way from being a popular guy on campus, and very tough, to becoming an International Author.
As soon as I saw he wrote a book I ordered it from Amazon and like always received prompt service. I was like a little kid when I opened the package just to see what Tom wrote. Everyone on campus always said Tom would be the guy that would make a difference. Well when I read the book I realized what a difference he is truly making. There were many of us that hung out together at William Paterson and yet some how we all knew that Tom was destined to succeed because what ever he set his mind to he accomplished. He was from the `never say never' mentality and proved it by what he has accomplished.
His Personal Protection Handbook book is fabulous! Tom Patire as a person is funny, witty, and most of all very honest and loyal. The book represents his philosophies and his life's work in an easy to read format for all people. Even in his writings you can see how he perceives himself as just an ordinary guy, and with his self defense skills that once he used to protect me, I can vouch he is not your average Joe!
I am married now and I have two little ones so the part that intrigued me the most in his book was the Know and Go section as well as the realistic theories about bad guest, bad guy and bad day. Tom was always a good speaker, a trait he said he got from his father, whom he love and respected immensely. In Tom's book he found a way to natured his words from his book to your mind getting you to feel good about the entire concept of safety. This is something I never got from any safety books. In many cases they scared me off. Not the Personal Protection Handbook!
I have read the book several times and every time I re-read it I find more of the little things I don't do that can make the difference for me and my family to be safe. The key to this book is Tom's approach of being himself, very genuine, and not scaring the reader. He took the edge of fear out and made you realize that safety is in your hands and following key suggestions in his checklists and the Tom Tips can aid you and your loved ones to be more aware.
In closing I would like to say I always knew Tom Patire would make a difference, but what he has accomplice thus far is just mind boggling. I know all of his William Paterson `comrades' congratulate him on his success and wish him the best. I personally thank him for protecting me when I was in college and now continuing to protect me and others like me by writing this book.
Fantastic book by a fantastic guy!
Go Pioneers!

December 30, 2003

People This Is A Must Read!
I received Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook via the mail from my girlfriend. She sent it to me as a holiday gift and when I first look at the cover I said "If it's half as friendly as the cover, this will be a good book!" And yes it was, and is, a very good book. Full of easy to learn and remember safety and awareness tips from an author that seems to have a real passion for educating people of all walks to be safe in today's world.
The book opens with short stories that lead you into the 'do's or don'ts' but done in such a cautious way never trying to scare the reader and always making them realize that safety is in your hands. I loved the mindset descriptions which were very different than you criminal descriptions. The author here takes a street wise approach and phrases things as he sees them and then validates the reason why. I like that throughout the book that Tom Patire references his upbringing and when you read the dedication to his parents you will understand why. To me this shows the roots of man writing the book.
The book goes on and talks about child safety and then it ends on a high not explaining the theories on martial arts, self defenses devices and personal protection. Tom Patire then continues and writes about his Training for Life theory and a system he developed called CDT. I did some more exploring a found an entire website on Training for Life at [...] and found his children's program at [...] Both of these sites give more in-depth information on the author and his programs which I found to validate the contents of the book even more.
To sum it up the book is excellent for all to read with the theory of enlightening you the reader and not by any means scaring you. My girlfriend Brenda bought it for me and I thank her and thank Amazon for getting me the book before the holidays.
Have a Happy!

February 12, 2004

I Knew He Would Help People!
My girlfriend Pat sent me the article on Tom Patire in The Record. I knew Tom in Lodi High School and he was one of the nicest kids in that school. He was small in stature at the time but he was an excellent athlete and always a total gentleman. I remember that he never attending many school functions because he had to work. That was unique in itself because many from our class were too lazy and unmotivated to do anything, never mind work.
After reading the article I bought his book. First I must say he turned out to be a very handsome man and I could not get over his stature. When I knew him he was 5' 5" and now he stands 6' 3" solid. Anyway back to the book. I also am a mother of twins and my girls are 10 years old now. I try to teach them as much about safety as I can but I don't really know more than the average person.
What Tom's book did for me was give me an abundance of key tips and checklists to choose from. See to me Tom's point of his book is here is the information, if it can help you, then please use it. He covers many different topics and what he really did for me personally is stimulate my subconscious to be more safety conscious by making safety easy for me to understand. Everything I do in life is for my family so I want them, as well as I, to be around for a long time, so I now have made safety a part of my life!
My husband Robert read Tom's book and said that this guy knows his stuff and loved the stories inside the book that makes the book really interesting. Coming from my husband, a career Marine, that is a compliment because he doesn't think any of these books are worth the time or the money.
The book covers everything including what not to say to bad guys, how to handle a bad guest, what to do if your child is lost in a mall or amusement and it even gives a overview of martial arts, self defense and personal protection. We always use to joke to Tom because he was so into martial arts that he needed martial arts because he was so small. But after seeing what he has accomplished, the people he protects and the organizations he teaches for, I must say we are all eating our words.
Throughout the book you get the feeling that Tom is on a mission and that mission is to make a difference, and knowing him, he sure will. See I went to school with him since 6th grade and he always was the underdog but he never, ever gave up. He would be the first one on the playground and the last to leave. I remember seeing him throwing the ball against Roosevelt school wall for hours. His book relays his message of "If I can - You can" but as many said before me it "empowers" the reader in a very positive, SAFE way.
So to sum it if you don't read books for yourself then make an exception and read this one for the people you care about. After all what Tom Patire says is very true "Safety is in your hands!"

August 3, 2004

After I was told about this book I decided to make the purchase. Not only was this book filled with common fodder, it is unfortunately also filled with fantasy stories. The common sense stuff was OK, but like I said it was common sense. Nothing new or groundbreaking info available. The author even uses the pages to promote his other business's. Very shameful and NOT what I purchased the book for.

I would not recommend this book as a safety book, the title is misleading. It is more of a fictional autobiography with promotional aspects littered in with common safety tips.

God Bless!

God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.

--Matthew 5:8

September 13, 2009

A must have for those wanting to be safe
After reading this book, I had to ask "with all the crime going around, why aren't more people doing anything?"

This books lays out some valuable safety and protection tips that are must reads for every person who want to take responsibility for their safety needs by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim. If you want to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property arm yourself with our products and the knowledge about the best way to stay safe in an ever increasing violent world.

In today's society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.

Victor Swindell -

December 16, 2014

Great Book
Great Book

March 21, 2005

Empowering and Informative!
I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Tom Patire speak at my companies Workplace Violence seminar. From the minute he was introduced, to the time he was done speaking, he owned the room.

He brings safety to another level allowing people first to realize that fear in not an option and safety is an obtainable goal. After he was done with his talk and hands-on demonstration he opened the floor to questions, and boy did he get questions. With over 1,000 people in attendance better than half lined up at the microphone to ask him a question. And yet the most fascinating thing was not how Tom answered the questions, it was that he stayed until he answered all of the questions. That says something about the speaker.

Now about the book. The book is simple to read and understand. It is NOT a self defense book but it is a personal empowering book that focuses on safety for all ages. I am a single mom and like all good parents love my children. This book takes me from being a mom to a protector by showing me the pitfalls that everyday people fall prey to involving bad acts.

From the checklists to the Tom Tip's the information is never ending. His checklists stick in your head because they are so easy to remember. I found the book written for the everyday person while other books, though very good, scared the heck out of me.

In closing I say the book is the next best thing to seeing Tom live. Hopefully he will do audio tapes soon because he has a very appealing delivery and I am sure his audio tapes would be dynamic.

May 24, 2016

Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook is not an ordinary novel. In fact, it's not much of a novel at all. It is exactly what's stated on the front cover: A personal protection handbook and the book gives you just that. If you are worried about the safety of you or a loved one's than read no more as this is the perfect book for just that.
You'll notice that I gave this book a full 5 stars. I didn't give it such a good score because it was exciting or compelling (because it certainly wasn't). Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook is not an ordinary novel. In fact, it's not much of a novel at all. It is exactly what's stated on the front cover: A personal protection handbook and the book gives you just that. If you are worried about the safety of you or a loved one's than read no more as this is the perfect book for just that.
You'll notice that I gave this book a full 5 stars. I didn't give it such a good score because it was exciting or compelling (because it certainly wasn't). I did so simply because it provided me with the knowledge I was looking for. Also, everything advertised on the cover(this is the one time where it's okay to judge a book by it's cover) was explained and taught in the book. Now when I say the book was not exciting I mean it, but it had it's fair share of personal stories/experiences that were a great addition to the book. It helped the reader really understand how to do a certain technique and really made you question your own safety in a world as dangerous as this, as many of the victims were innocent civilians.
Because this is not a novel there were no major quotes that stuck out at me, but there definitely were some very helpful statements mentioned that can actually help one get out of deadly situations. Here is what I believe was the best statement Tom (author/bodyguard) made: "The little things in life can make a big difference. Body and mind are an unbeatable as long as you are focusing on the moment and thinking about safety. Too many of us are preoccupied..."
I obviously cannot go over the protagonists and supporting characters because there weren't any!
I chose this book because I was interested in protecting myself and others around me. I wanted to be able to prevent a fight or conflict before it even happened and this book made that possible (regardless of the fact that I haven't actually been in a fight :))
Many of us don't realise how dangerous this world really is. The simple "oh it'll never happen to me" is what almost every victim thinks before tragedy strikes. This is why I urge everyone reading this to give this book a chance. It really could save the life of someone you care about or even you own life!
-Rocky Kandah
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