The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years Info

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An accessible and reassuring guide to childhood health and
immunity from a pediatrician who’s both knowledgeable about the
latest scientific research and respectful of a family’s risk
factors, health history, and concerns

In The
Vaccine-Friendly Plan,
Paul Thomas, M.D., presents his proven
approach to building immunity: a new protocol that limits a
child’s exposure to aluminum, mercury, and other neurotoxins while
building overall good health. Based on the results from his pediatric
practice of more than eleven thousand children, as well as data from
other credible and scientifically minded medical doctors, Dr.
Paul’s vaccine-friendly protocol gives readers

recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth
• vital
information about what to expect at every well child visit from birth
through adolescence
• a slower, evidence-based vaccine schedule
that calls for only one aluminum-containing shot at a time

important questions to ask about your child’s first few weeks,
first years, and beyond
• advice about how to talk to health
care providers when you have concerns
• the risks associated
with opting out of vaccinations
• a practical approach to
common illnesses throughout the school years
• simple tips and
tricks for healthy eating and toxin-free living at any age

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan presents a new standard for pediatric
care, giving parents peace of mind in raising happy, healthy
Praise for The Vaccine-Friendly

“Finally, a book about vaccines that
respects parents! If you choose only one book to read on the topic,
read The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. This impeccably researched,
well-balanced book puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you
to make conscientious vaccine decisions for your
family.”—Peggy O’Mara, editor and
publisher, Mothering Magazine 
to appeal to readers of all kinds as a friendly, no-nonsense book that
cuts through the rhetoric surrounding vaccines. It offers validation to
those who avoid some or all, while offering those who do want to
vaccinate help on how to do so safely. This is a great book for anyone
with children in their lives.”Natural

“A valuable, science-supported guide to
optimizing your child’s health while you navigate through complex
choices in a toxic, challenging world.”—Martha Herbert,
M.D., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

“An impressively
researched guide, this important book is essential reading for parents.
With clear and practical advice for shielding children from harmful
toxins, it will compel us all to think differently about how to protect
health.”—Jay Gordon, M.D., FAAP
than a one-size-fits-all vaccine strategy, the authors suggest
thoughtful, individualized decisions based on research and collaboration
between parents and clinicians—a plan to optimize a child’s
immune system and minimize any risks.”—Elizabeth Mumper,
M.D., founder and CEO, The Rimland Center for Integrative
“This well-written and thought-provoking
book will encourage parents to think through decisions—such as
food choices and the timing of vaccines—that affect the well-being
of their children. In a world where children’s immune systems are
increasingly challenged, this is a timely addition to the
literature.”—Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., bestselling author of
The Dance of Anger and The Mother Dance

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Reviews for The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years:


October 16, 2016

The statistics speak for themselves:
The Appendix E of this book really tells you all you need to know:
A team of researchers have been reviewing and tabulating the health outcomes 2,230 children over age two and under age seven who were patients at my clinic, Integrative Pediatrics, from June 2008 (which is when my clinic first opened) to February 2015. We are in the process of compiling this data for a retrospective study approved by Western Institutional Review Board. We are examining incidence of autism, developmental delays, hospitalization a, infectious diseases, and sick visits. The following data is preliminary but serves to answer one key question: Does Dr Paul's Vaccine-Friendly Plan help reduce the incidence of autism?

Patients were divided into three groups as follows:

Group 1: Following Dr Paul's Vaccine-Friendly Plan:
These children were either born into my practice of established care by the two month well baby visit. They did not get the birth or the infant hepatitis B vaccine. If they got the hepatitis A vaccine, it was after age two. If they got the MMR and the chicken pox vaccines, it was at or after age three.
There were 1,098 children in Group 1.

Group 2: Unvaccinated: Because of parental choice, these children had no vaccines.
There were 238 children in Group 2.

Group 3: Other/Most Vaccinated: Though there was some individual variability, many children in Group 3 were vaccinated according to CDC guidelines.
There were 894 children in Group 3.

Group Total Autism/ASD Rate
1 1,098 0 0
2 238 0 0
3 894 15 1/60

Using the previous CDC autism rate of one in fifty, we would have expected approximately twenty-two cases of autism in Group 1, but there were no autism or ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnoses.

We would have expected to have approximately four cases of autism in Group 2, but there were no autism or ASD diagnoses.

We would have expected to have approximately seventeen cases of autism in Group 3, and there are fifteen autism/ASD diagnoses, which mirrors the national average. This data demonstrates with a high level of statistical significance that the Vaccine-Friendly Plan - as well as not vaccinating at all - was associated with less autism/ASD.

November 17, 2016

A treasure for parents and a must-read for pediatricians
As a Functional Medicine practicing pediatrician, words are inadequate to describe how good this book is! After a total of 31 years in conventional pediatric practice, and another 11 years serving on the teaching faculty of a major university pediatric teaching program, I discovered the world of integrative medicine. After an intensive two-year period of reading, learning, and trying the functional Medicine approach on select patients with chronic health problems, I was stunned to discover the amazing world of healing through mostly natural means. Beginning in November of 2013 I retired from conventional pediatrics to begin a new career in Functional Medicine, becoming board certified in Integrative Pediatrics (B.C.I.P.) under the auspices of the American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM) in May, 2016.

The process of education included reading over 100 books, attending functional medicine educational events and ultimately speaking at an integrative medicine conference, and networking and brainstorming with some of the leading Functional Medicine practitioners and authors in the field – such as Dr. William Davis, Dr. David Perlmutter, and others. Having already co-authored a book with psychologist John Rosemond (The Diseasing of America’s Children Thomas Nelson 2008), I have learned how difficult it is to write a book while practicing.

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan is the book I would have written if I ever found myself able and willing to take on the gargantuan task of producing such as work as this one. I am in absolute awe of Dr. Thomas and Dr. Margulis for this masterpiece. There are only a couple of places in the entire book where I would disagree about anything, and it is without a doubt the finest single book I have ever read that I would give to or recommend to every parent of a child I have the privilege to work with. I intend to do just that for parents who ask me about recommendations for what to do about vaccines – a question I get from a lot of them since changing my career over completely to a functional medicine approach to chronic health problems.

On a personal note, I identify strongly with Dr. Thomas’ description of how attending an autism conference changed his life. Attending the AutismOne conference in Chicago in 2015 changed mine – undoubtedly in the same manner as Dr. Thomas describes. Observing and hearing stories of heroic parents and their children with various forms of ASD, talking to them, hearing some of them give talks, brought me from hesitation to take on the complexities of dealing with autism to knowing that I must and would do whatever it took to prepare myself to be able to do so. This book is a treasure in that process. I cannot thank you enough, Drs Thomas and Margolis.

Bose Ravenel, M.D., F.A.A.P., B.C,I.P
Robinhood Integrative Health
Winston Salem, North Carolina

September 22, 2017

This is a good book, a great reference, and an aid for parents.
I use this in my practice regularly. I know vaccines are essentially a religion in the US but lets be real. While many kids are fine with vaccines, a lot of them have bad reactions, some so bad they are ill for years (seizures, autoimmune diseases, etc). I never want to see meningitis back on the rise, and I counsel my parents about the pneumococcal vaccine. It's still a common infection, even if HIB is not. But as for measles, mumps, pertussis - If we are so worried about having a vaccinated population, why don't we focus on vaccinating adults? You know almost every single vaccine a kid or infant gets has worn off by the time they're a teenager. So most adults are not immune to these illnesses any more. I know vaccines do a lot of good for the world globally and have helped millions of people. But that doesn't mean that we should use them without any sense of judiciousness or that they should be forced on families or on children that have indicators of past or potential vaccine reactions.

July 20, 2017

Super good read for my healthy mommies out there
Super good read for my healthy mommies out there. Vaccinating is very important but the truth is they can be made safer for our kids. It's pretty disgusting what is in them. But before you jump on a "bandwagon" of "vaxing" or the research for yourself parents. Don't just follow the routine because someone told you that you needed to. My first son passed away from SIDS 9 years ago. SIDS = a fancy acronym for an unknown cause. And since then I have over analyzed every aspect of his life. All I can do now is try to make safer choices for my 2 healthy happy kids. That includes eating organic foods, exercise, less sugar, spending $20 on organic baby wash 😬, and making sure they get the best of the best. Why is it ok to overlook the contents of our vaccines that we inject into our children beginning on day 1 of life...but we put so much effort into everything else. Knowledge is power ❤️ And this book of full of it. I love that Dr. Thomas includes his own experiences as a pediatrician and admits how he fed into these horrible habits that contributed to the neurological issues we are seeing in America. I was very indecisive on vaccinating my 3rd child but this book guided me to a comfortable place where I feel my child is safe and protected. 🙏🏻

February 1, 2019

Anti-Vax lies
There doesn’t seem to be any evidence in the book to support that any of its ideas are indeed safe or effective, the book pushes just about every anti-vaccine talking point out there today.
Thomas is quick to cherry pick studies that support the ideas he likes and label them as “important studies” among “a growing body of evidence,” but if the studies don’t, then they are “a handful of poorly designed, anecdotal studies.”
Thomas also routinely downplays the risks of vaccine-preventable diseases (they all seem to be easily treatable in his imaginary world), overstates the risks of vaccines (they all seem to be full of horrible "poisons"), makes heavy use of anecdotes, repeatedly makes it sound like every other pediatrician(99.9% of them!) is doing something wrong.

Unfortunately, the dangerous advice in this book extends well beyond repeatedly telling parents to “say no thank you” to multiple vaccines and to delay others.

The advice to “decline vaccines” during pregnancy has to be right up there with the most dangerous advice in his book, but you be the judge…

February 5, 2017

I haven't read the book, but have misgivings about ...
I haven't read the book, but have misgivings about Dr Thomas recommending ANY vaccines, because it may only take ONE vaccine to forever ruin a child's health or life.

As far as I am concerned, EVERY vaccinated child is a vaccine-injured child, even if the harm caused may not be obvious.

There is NO WAY I would let anyone with a vaccine come near me or any member of my family because after much research I have arrived at the conclusion that all vaccines are ineffective and dangerous.and that keeping oneself and one's children vaccine-free is therefore the only safe and sane option.

January 27, 2019

Must Read
I found Dr Paul Thomas from the Vaxxed Documentary (free on youtube) and wanted to learn more about his Vaccine Friendly Plan. This book gives great information on the diseases themselves, brands of vaccines, risks and benefits and data from his clinic proving this plan works. I am much more comfortable making these tough decisions for my child.

July 30, 2018

Dr. Paul’s book should be called Preventive Health and Wellness.
Dr. Paul’s book should be called Preventive Health and Wellness. It provides valuable advice on pregnancy, childbirth, infant care, and child raising from an experienced pediatrician-parent who practices individualized healthcare and a “know better, do better” approach. The book contains a balance of anecdotes and scientific explanations with references. It should satisfy both the parent who researches everything and the parent who just wants answers. I’ve added it to my bookshelf.

August 8, 2018

Great book
This is a great book for any parent or soon to be parent! Easy to read and understand, nice charts of vaccines. Very well written. It's not anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine propaganda, it just gives you all the information and his recommendations. Every parent should read this book.

October 4, 2016

It's OK but Dr. Sears book is better
I enjoyed this book although felt that the title was a bit misleading. I was expecting this book to be at least 80% about vaccines for babies (see photo on the front of babies?!) instead that was only the beginning of the book. I found some information very helpful but I also feel it lacked a lot.
What about delayed detailed schedules? Selective schedules?

September 10, 2018

Very interesting read
I thought this book was very informative. I liked hearing the perspective of a pediatrician who made his own adjustments to the CDC’s schedule and then documented the results. I would have like to have been given specific studies to be able to review with information on why that study was credible. I bought the audible book and was kind of disappointed that I didn’t have access to the “cheat sheets” he mentions. I enjoyed the book and felt It was worth buying.

May 6, 2019

So much misinformation I couldn't bring myself to finish the book
I'm not sure how it is possible to get so much wrong so quickly, but damn, how does Dr. Paul still have a license to practice medicine, especially after creating the situation that led to the tragic case of tetanus in a boy in Oregon that cost $880,000 to treat? This book is full of long debunked tropes about ingredients about false connections. Vaccines do not cause autism, and the author does a disservice to both autistic and neurotypical children by suggesting that they would be better off to not be protected in a timely and tested manner from vaccine preventable diseases. If we care about the brains of our children, as he professes to, we will not bring back a world where most have to endure measles infections, which leads to inflammation of the brain, hospitalizations for pneumonia for many, lifelong injuries like deafness and blindness, and a death rate of 1-2:1000 even with the best medical care at the time of infection, and SSPE an always fatal complication that strikes years after recovery.

Oct 12, 2016

I think a better title for this book would be "Informed Consent" and that the book should be required reading for ALL parents-to-be. I was confident that I did my homework before both of my kids were born, but there are still things in this book that are eye openers for me. If parents were truly informed with the info in this book, I am sure they would make different decisions for their families.

May 7, 2019

Claims to be evidence based but isn't
This goes against everything the AAP recommends. The AAP is embodied by tens of thousands of pediatricians who have determined the safest and most effective vaccine schedule based on actual research (in a lab, not on Google). They also are considered the gold standard for determining car seat safety, safe sleep, nutrition standards, etc. This book is full of misinformation and pseudo science.

December 23, 2018

Best purchase of books about/for babies
Found this guy accidentally online and just jumped on his stuff. I was doing a lot of research on my own and happy, there is a doctor there, who got to the same conclusions as me.
All the advices in this book are valid, tested (we are going with less invasive approach to our child) home. Unfortunately lot of the medical staff is not interested in deeper understanding of their profession and some of the advices are so horrible, event not educated person is just holding his head and not believing his ears (like the Hep B vac. - You definitively not need it if you are not sick, for your child, maybe when they reach puberty, but not before) etc.
I’m one of the parents who doesn’t work on sheep basis and know some about chemistry and biology.
So just can recommend this stuff. Or just follow the Dr. Pauls youtube channel. It's fun end educational in the same time.
Thank you for writing this book!

August 6, 2017

Alternative vaccination program for the closed minded!
If you must be blinded by the medical mantra and big pharma and not enlightened to the truth and still vaccinate... then this is a great alternative program that reduces the risk, not eliminate, just reduce. Still better than the full vaccination schedule.

May 19, 2019

Dangerous, Irresponsible Anti-Vax Propaganda
This book claims not to be anti-vax while pushing every fear-mongering, anti-vax talking point there is. The baseless claims made in this book about vaccines (and the doctors who support them) causing autism have been repeatedly disproven. This book is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible as it encourages pregnant women and parents to delay or decline necessary vaccines. My husband is a doctor and was appalled at the false and wildly irresponsible claims made in this book. We threw it away instead of donating it to Goodwill, because we were concerned that someone who doesn't have the sense or knowledge to know better would follow its advice and end up contracting or spreading a deadly, preventable disease.

May 3, 2019

Anyone who claims vaccines cause autism should have their medical license revoked.

April 17, 2019

Helpful, with flaws
What an honest author! I do think there are some inconsistencies throughout the book, though. For one, he claims that we should focus on the principle "first, do no harm" in medicine, but he does not seem abide by that totally consistently. Sometimes he switches to a purely risk vs. benefits way of looking at medicine.

Dr. Moskowitz is part of the Doctors for Informed Consent group which talks about importance of Vitamin A to lessen measles severity, yet this is not in the book. That surprised me.

I also think that his scope of looking at vaccine risks is too narrow. I would have liked to see him discuss more on autoimmune issues and other side effects, both short and long term. He seems to focus too much on autism. I also think that his window of research is sometimes too limited to his own practice and the USA. I appreciated his recommendation on HiB, for instance, but he doesn't address whether or not this vaccine may be prudent to use for the long term. And some of the diseases he dismisses as not being important to vaccinate here because the diseases aren't common here anymore, but it is unclear to me his rationale for doing so. Is it the "first, do no harm" principle in that we shouldn't take the risk unless there's an immediate threat? I'd like to see him spell that out.

However, I appreciate that he doesn't claim to have any easy answers. His recommendations are intuitive based on his clinical experience and the data he sees. It isn't proven. It just can't be done based on the data and knowledge we have. I also appreciate seeing his journey into how he came to question the safety of some vaccines. I also appreciates how he does trust that the body is resilient and so if we don't load the body with too many vaccines, it may be worth the risk; also, that most of the time, a single vaccine isn't what does the long-term damage. It's multiple of them.

Great first book for thinking about vaccines. I wouldn't mind giving this to someone who has never before questioned vaccines. Dr. Thomas takes you on the journey that he himself went through.

I also recommend Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Dr. Moskowitz. I think reading these two books together would help someone form a nuanced view. Dr. Moskowitz is also a "moderate" (in between pro and anti vaccinators). But Dr. Thomas falls more on the side of "pro" and Dr. Moskowitz more on the side of "con."

This book is not perfect, but how could it be with an endeavor like this? It's an engaging, interesting read! Check it out!

Jan 29, 2018

Dr. Thomas is one of a handful of pediatricians who have tried to position themselves as voices of moderation on the subject of vaccination (along with better-known figures like Bob Sears and Jay Gordon. Like his colleagues, Thomas manages to regurgitate many false antivax tropes and ultimately comes across as deeply antivaccine (for instance, despite authoring a book called "The Vaccine-Friendly Plan", Thomas advises against protecting children against numerous vaccine-preventable diseases Dr. Thomas is one of a handful of pediatricians who have tried to position themselves as voices of moderation on the subject of vaccination (along with better-known figures like Bob Sears and Jay Gordon. Like his colleagues, Thomas manages to regurgitate many false antivax tropes and ultimately comes across as deeply antivaccine (for instance, despite authoring a book called "The Vaccine-Friendly Plan", Thomas advises against protecting children against numerous vaccine-preventable diseases (including rotavirus, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and chickenpox), while giving unconditional support to only 3 of 13 vaccines recommended for pregnant women, children and teenagers).

Thomas spends a good portion of the book warning parents against vaccine "toxins" (which are actually not toxic at all), while largely ignoring the real toxins (the ones produced by disease organisms). Thomas denounces aluminum (contained in some vaccines as an adjuvant to improve the immune response) and formaldehyde (which may be used in vaccine manufacture to inactivate the infectious agent the vaccine will protect against). What Dr. Thomas doesn't tell readers is that 1) any substance can be toxic depending on dose, including water and oxygen, and that 2) we routinely are exposed to chemicals as part of normal daily living, at doses much higher than what's contained in vaccines, with no harm done. For instance, infants in the first six months of life will get considerably more aluminum from breast milk or infant formula than from all of their recommended vaccinations. You could hardly avoid being exposed to aluminum, since it's one of the most common elements in the earth's crust.
Formaldehyde is made by the human body as a byproduct of normal metabolism - again, in higher amounts than what vaccines contain. Why does Dr. Thomas leave out this information, which is important for parents to know?

Thomas has other bogeymen to scare parents about, including aspartame, fluoridated water and mercury-containing amalgam tooth fillings (he thinks you should get them yanked out). This is nonsense you'd expect to hear from the conspiracy theory set, not a knowledgeable physician.

Thomas criticizes parents who are concerned about childhood illness, calling them "Nervous Nellies", and suggests that they "embrace the fun" of disease (a bizarre attitude for a supposedly caring pediatrician to take). Thomas also attacks health professionals who overwhelmingly reject his views on immunization and health, deriding doctors' "ignorance" and "personal bias" (Thomas has a very undeveloped sense of irony).

Readers can decide for themselves if Thomas is truly a Brave Maverick setting himself at odds with most of the rest of his profession out of concern for children, or a fringe practitioner basking in minor celebrity status while pushing dangerous misinformation. ...more

January 16, 2018

I absolutely love this book and really wish it was a mandatory ...
I absolutely love this book and really wish it was a mandatory read for the moms-to-be, breastfeeding moms and just moms in general. It has SO much valuable information that can save your baby from unnecessary shots and help keep your family healthy. The only thing that I would change is to have a clear outline of the recommended shots birth through teen years on one page. Otherwise, you have to keep reading and trying to find that info when you need it. Great book and highly recommended it to all!

Oct 20, 2017

I drug my feet at first about reading this book because I thought it was going to be another boring text-book type read. Not so! While it does cite great research, it is well written and easy to work through. I highly recommend it! Dr. Paul has great insight into which vaccines are being pushed by pharmaceuticals to make money (i.e.: why are we giving our newborns a vaccine for an STD if their parents don't have this disease?) and which ones are really important for kids to get, as well as a I drug my feet at first about reading this book because I thought it was going to be another boring text-book type read. Not so! While it does cite great research, it is well written and easy to work through. I highly recommend it! Dr. Paul has great insight into which vaccines are being pushed by pharmaceuticals to make money (i.e.: why are we giving our newborns a vaccine for an STD if their parents don't have this disease?) and which ones are really important for kids to get, as well as a much better schedule than the CDC recommends. ...more

August 13, 2019

Not-evidenced based
Amazon - please do not sell this book. Vaccines are safe and effective. This book is unsafe and not effective.

June 16, 2019

Do not trust an anti-vaccine doctor about anything
This book is dangerous. People following its advice could literally maim or kill their children (or someone else's child).

It's an outrageous shame that Amazon even has it for sale. Steer clear.

Any health professional who does not fully support vaccination at the recommended schedule is a quack and should lose their license and their job.

May 6, 2019

Dangerous nonsense
This book is filled with dangerous lies designed to harm your baby.

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