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From Field & Stream magazine’s deer-hunting
experts, the authors of the Whitetail 365 blog on
demystify everything the modern hunter needs to know. For bow-hunters,
traditional rifle-shooters, shotgun and muzzleloader hunters, and more,
this is the one book you need to get the buck of your

Whether you spend all year plotting and preparing for
your ultimate whitetail season, or just enjoy a few hunting trips a
year with your buddies, this is the book you need. Hundreds of
field-tested tips from Field & Stream’s deer-hunting
experts cover tips and tricks from America’s best hunting guides
and their own decades of experience, including:

With detailed exercises and advice for bow-hunters as well as
rifle and shotgun users, this book takes you out on the range and into
the woods, with what you need to bring home a trophy buck instead of a
lame excuse.

PLAN ALL YEAR What do you do when deer
season ends? Stow your gear, mount your trophies, and start planning for
next year. Here’s how to plot your hunting grounds, plant the
food deer love, and upgrade your equipment.

Where do deer live? What do they eat? How do they behave during
the all-importnant rut season? You may think you know the answers to
these questions, but the latest research and unusual historical wisdom
will surprise you—and make you a better hunter.

chapters include:
-Get a Grip on Deer Senses
-Track the Rut

-Break Down Your Deer Season
-Be a Mountain Man
-Learn 5
Lockdown Secrets
-Field Dress a Buck in Minutes
Whitetail Anatomy

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