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Theology of Time - Abridged Indexed by Subject - God-Science of
The Time By Elijah Muhammad The Theology of Time is a 20 lecture book
presented by Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah. It was a dedication to
what had become the Nation of Islam's official headquarters. It was
known as Muhammad Temple #2 in Chicago. The lecture series ranged from
June thru October 1972. What made this dedication very significant is
that prior to this time, dating as far back as 1967, the Messenger
rarely spoke on the scale he had previous to this time. It wasn't
uncommon to either hear him on radio broadcasts or one of his ministers.
Having been prohibited to speak by Allah up to this point, this
represented a significant occasion. Elijah Muhammad covered a wide and
comprehensive overview of his entire program, concepts and lessons. This
is by far the most wide ranging example of his teaching. Many of the
subjects he taught was scattered over the entire period, which is why in
this subject-indexed version, the subjects were put together instead of
leaving them scattered.

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