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At last, simple physical and psychological techniques that
allow men to fulfill their dreams and women's fantasies.

Learn to
Separate Orgasm and Ejaculation! Enjoy Increased Vitality and Longevity!
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Reviews for The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know:


January 31, 2005

Shallow and ultimately of dubious utility
The Multi-orgasmic man is a fairly instructive, easy to read book on a phenomenon which remains largely unknown in our society: male multiple orgasms(MMO). The authors not only reveal the existence of this sexual wonder, but also explain to you, on the basis of age-old Chinese Taoist techniques, how to have it. The emphasis is on practical knowledge. They also explain how detrimental to your health ejaculation is and this is supposed to be a strong incentive to try the techniques.

I have learnt a lot about male (and female)anatomy and sexuality from the book and I certainly found the techniques fascinating. Nevertheless when I put it down, I decided not to try all the tricks because

1. They are too complicated and not explained very clearly

2. There is no possibility to ask questions to the author and I have no Taoist instructor at hand (have you?)

3. The techniques are dangerous (the description of the main technique called the big draw is followed by almost two pages of possible dangers and pitfalls)

Mantak Chia also discusses gay sexuality but the chapter on gay love is very disappointing. Just a few trite remarks on Taoism being non-judgmental and having a medical, not a moral, approach to sexuality. And none of this backed by quotes from the Taoists books. One wonders if the gay thing is not just a cheap ruse to enlarge the readership of the book...

There is very little in the Multi-Orgasmic Man on the theory of male multiple orgasms: how it happens and why. Very little also on what MMO means for anthropology, philosophy and religion. Did the ancients know about it? The author speaks of old Chinese techniques,but doesn't explore the history of MMO in other cultures. All in all, this is a very superficial study and vulgarity is not absent from its pages("touch your balls").

As most how-to books on ancient exotic techniques, I guess there are very few readers who will actually use them. And considering the dangers involved, maybe this is better...

July 30, 2004

My energy field is flacid
Ejaculation can be delayed by tugging on the testicals or pressing behind the scrotum. The rest is new age hooey about energy fields.

June 24, 2018

The owners manual to the male's body
I am now several months into my Tao sexual practice. In the beginning I read the book and tried the exercises. I tried really hard to follow directions. The book has excellent descriptions but no matter how well these practices are explained, it is difficult to do without consulting a Tao master. As a result of not seeking help, I spent a lot of time with trial and error. In the beginning I tried too hard. I was bound and determined to see if this book would help with my ED issues. What I have found over time is that it is not something that will happen quickly. It takes time to build muscle strength in the right places and the book is a tremendous resource to guide the reader through this process. I am just over 60 years young and I wish I had discovered this book when I was in my twenties because I have missed out on almost a whole life of sexual bliss. This book has completely turned my sexual life around just when I was becoming adjusted to the prospect of decreasing sexual function as I age. The sex that I had with my wife this morning would not have been possible before reading this book. I thought, in the beginning of my practice, that I would never arrive at the point of having multiple orgasms regularly but that has all changed. I can now keep orgasms coming continually until I run out of time for sex. That was something that I didn't think possible even as I was reading about it in the book. My best advice to anyone reading this book is to have patience. Practice a lot but try to avoid pain. It takes a lot of time to figure what muscles are involved and what motions cause these multiple orgasms to occur. It is especially difficult to train yourself not to go too far and ejaculate. Once you get that under control, mastery is close. My last piece of advice is that the results will be much faster if you practice a lot solo. My wife can't believe the difference between pre and post Tao sexual practice. It has changed my life for the good and given me a whole new outlook. Finally, don't take yourself too seriously and above all, have fun because that is what this practice should produce - a level of excitement that is difficult to match any other way. Best wishes for you in your practice.

July 30, 2006

My updated results
The approach towards multi-orgasms is similar to the one of Barbara Keesling. You have to come very close to the end and contract your PC muscle to stop yourself from crossing the point of no return. Hopefully, at that time your prostate will contract and you have got an orgasm. Next, you have to calm down and gradually come back again very close to the edge for a second orgasm. This is in theory but the problem is that most of the time I ended up with unpleasant semi-ejacul. or very stiff and painful PC muscle without reaching even one orgasm. I practiced this method for 3 weeks and was unpleasantly surprised because of sharp decrease in my ability to last long.

I searched for an explanation and found it in "scientifically guaranteed male multiple orgasms and ultimate sex". According to its author scientist Ritz regular and strong contractions of the PC muscle cause hyper activation of the "sympathetic nerves" in the genitals. They execute each ejaculat. That's why he recommends avoiding using the PC muscle. Instead you should use the "VIP Muscle", which is completely different, yet a nearby muscle. It is connected with the "parasympathetic nerves" and cannot influence the ejaculat. control. I easily achieved multi-orgasms with it and after several days my PE (prem. ejacul.) was gone. (update: it was not only gone but my endurance now is the record 40+ minutes)

You may find the taoistic information in "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" refreshing but if you want results (multi-orgasms or greater endurance) then the result could be the opposite namely PE as happened with me. I would suggest reading this book only for its exotic side but if you regularly and strenuously use your PC muscle, it will most probably turn counter productive.

December 18, 2005

Once is Enough
I bought this book after reading Caroline Rey say male orgasm is inferior to female multiple orgasms in "The Mammoth Book of Love and Sensuality". "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" has similiar views, and says that ejaculation is a pitiful 5-second experience that leaves a man feeling exhausted. The book claims it will teach a man how to have multiple orgasms without ejaculation. It claims that these techniques come from the East. Please keep in mind that China has a population of over a billion people, and India also has a population of over a billion people. So, it is clearly a myth that Eastern men withhold ejaculation. I practiced the techniques in this book for six months. The stamina techniques were effective for me, but I never experienced multiple orgasms. I've come to learn that once is enough. If it's not broke, why fix it? There's nothing wrong with the male orgasm. If the male orgasm is only 5 seconds, that's long enough. If men can only have one orgasm at a time, that's okay. Even that exhaustion a man feels after coming is not a bad thing, it relieves his stress and relaxes him. I do not feel male orgasm is inferior to female multiple orgasms, I feel it is only different. Yes, men need to be aware of women's needs. But nobody should be so cruel to a man. The best advice I've heard to satisfy a woman, is to start by giving her a good massage. A woman's body is errogenous and deserves to be stimulated. Then stimulate her clitoris and g-spot with your hands and mouth. It takes the average woman a half hour to begin having her multiple orgasms. So, if you are uncertain about your stamina, spend more time stimulating her with your hands and mouth. It is important for a woman to tell a man what she needs. The ancient Greeks felt it was a woman's fault for her sexual frustration if she did not tell her man what she needed. After a woman is satisfied it is time to focus on his needs. Most men want to recieve oral sex. Most men would also enjoy to recieve a good massage. A man's body is also errogenous, and deserves to be stimulated. There is better advice on sex than what "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" has to offer.

August 24, 2005

Important notice!
I have practiced Thai Chi and Qi Gong for 12 years and I am very familiar with the movement of energy (chi) within the body. Mantak Chia tried to present on several pages philosophy and practices which take at least 4 MONTHS to master under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Anyone who tries to convince you that you can master such techniques in less than an hour definitely lies you!

The author knows how dangerous is to deal with energy without knowing in great details how to control and direct it. That's why if you are also interested in such exoteric practices I strongly recommend you to find an instructor. In this way you will avoid several potentially dangerous problems for your health, which are listed on 2 pages in the book. This is serious and your health and well-being are your responsibility!

I know how to circulate the energy in my body but I couldn't enjoy even once "multiple orgasms" in this way. Actually, it is not that much connected with circulation of energy but with your PC muscle and squeezing it right before an ejaculation. I hope that someone will have better luck than me.

June 10, 2016

A book every man should read!
This book changed my life, the way I looked at sex, and the way I regard ejaculation. Before this book, I did not know I had multi-orgasmic capabilities, but lo after 3 months, I had my first non-ejaculatory orgasm. What a wonderful discovery.

Every man should read this book and re-educate themselves on sex and their own sexuality. I already bought a copy for my best friend and will definitely purchase one for my son when he arrives at the proper age for this material.

August 26, 2014

after practicing the microcosmic orbit (there is a great youtube video by Mantak on this too) and some ...
I was already reading/practicing the techniques from Mantak Chia's book "Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" (which is definitely worth reading, although it is a lot older so some of the writing is a little outdated) That book contains most of the techniques described in this book, I figured as this one is newer and Mantak had an American co-author this book may be easier to digest.

These books have changed my life, after practicing the microcosmic orbit (there is a great youtube video by Mantak on this too) and some of the other techniques; I have become more centered, have more energy and love for life overall has increased.
Every man should read this book it is the next evolution of man, you will view women differently, relationships and life in general.
I also recommend "Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality" by Mantak Chia for some excellent life changing meditations :)

April 26, 2016

Took me on a disastrous journey of agony, fear and despair.
I entered this journey with high hopes and expectations of limitless sexual pleasure and control. After a month of these practices I began to make progress and began experiencing orgasm sensations without ejaculation. Fueled by this exciting progress I pursued these practices relentlessly. After a couple months I began noticing tension in my abdomen and and pelvis that would not diminish. I continued these practices for a couple months despite these physical warnings from my body.

On one particular day after a non ejaculatory orgasm a severe contraction of my lower abdomen and pelvis occurred and would not relent. The continual discomfort was excruciating, after a couple days of this I would get panic attacks shortly after eating and began getting intermittent diarrhea and severe pain in my lower abdomen. I decided to go to the ER and the Dr. suspected acute prostatitis, I was given antibiotics and pain medication. During the next couple weeks the anxiety and pain increased to a sensation of being burned alive from the inside and nearly non stop panic that was so severe I contemplated suicide as a way of escape. Back to the ER, a CT scan with dye detected nothing but an endoscopy revealed ulcerations of my stomach and esophagus. At this point I was given a proton pump inhibitor, and took six weeks unpaid off work because the physical torment was so great I could not concentrate. Several weeks later the burning sensation diminished but the anxiety and intermittently the severely painful abdominal contractions remained. Over the course of the next year I went to gastroenterologists, urologists, a neurologist, and rheumatologist, who went over my body with a fine toothed comb to find nothing that would explain my symptoms. During this time any sexual activity or even arousal would trigger attacks of my condition. The only thing that would eleviate my symptoms was clonopin, a highly addictive benzo on which I lost control and nearly lost my marriage over before I was able to kick the addiction I had developed. Now after two years I'm managing these unexplained symptoms drug free and the severity is slowly diminishing but any sexual activity brings them back to some degree.

Before you decide to alter the mind and body's natural response to sexual stimuli tread carefully, and if you notice any warning signs stop immediately.

April 11, 2010

This is the pocket edition - NOT the full edition!
Unfortunately, neither Amazon nor the individual bookseller clearly advertise this product as the very dumbed-down, pocket-edition version of the real thing. It's a shame because I was really excited to buy this for my partner and then when we finally opened it - not what we expected. This is small enough to fit in your pocket, literally, 4" square in size. As a result, there's not much information, no pictures and little explanation of the processes and concepts in the full-edition. I am very disappointed. I waited for my partner to come home from a long work stint abroad before opening the packet from Amazon and by that point, the 30-return period had expired, so we couldn't even return it. I contacted the individual bookseller about exchanging it for the full edition, but they weren't at all flexible.

June 6, 2012

Stay away from this Junk Book. It is a fake book.
I read the entire book with lots of patience in order to get some useful information about multi-orgasm and sexual performances, and the result was total disappointment for me. By buying this junk book you are wasting your time since the whole book is about spirituality, self-love, power to hurt and heal, morning prayer, universal love, oral sex and so many irrelevant subjects that has nothing to do with multiple orgasm technique. This book instead of being written based on scientific facts relies on assumptions and tedious story telling that only wastes your time. It is obvious that the writer intended to fill the book with junk and superficial contents only for moneymaking purposes. This book is useful if you want to lose your actual erection and sense of arousal and to be embarrassed in front of your partner.

This book has only half a page about multiple orgasm technique that you can Google search it under PC muscles. You can squeeze your PC muscles right before orgasm in order to prevent ejaculation. The PC muscle is the one by which you stop urination and it is located between your anus and testicles. By practicing squeezing your PC muscle and strengthening it you can easily stop ejaculation. Good Luck.

January 30, 2010

Completely foolishness on nearly every level.
I have read this book a number of times many years ago and actually recommended it to people. At the time I had no idea of what Kundalini was or what Self Realization really was. I was not into meditating but I did like sex and loved to please woman sexually.
I thought I was happy and that this book would make me last longer and be a better lover.

There are three kinds of Tantra.. Black, Grey and White.. This book teaches Black Tantra in every since of the word.
It is doing nothing but teaching how to increase desire and addiction to sensations. Anyone who has any experience with the process of liberation from suffering should know better, so this just shows that the author is unfortunately very ignorant and sad, or just plain deceptive and dark.

I have one thing good to say about the book, and I'll tell you to save you the time and money ~ it is that it teaches the Century Count which is just counting to 100 breaths, which is a form of meditation.. If you forget which breath you are on you have to start counting over... This, according to the book is a great way to build up calmness in the sexual act.. True, but to really progress spiritually and soar to unbelievable heights one must renounce the orgasm completely and work on renouncing all desire even in dreams.. This opens up the deep recesses of a persons ego's and creates true growth... Then and only then is the sexual act done with ONE person of the opposite sex to really grow into a Master.... Multiple partners creates imbalances in our chakra system.... Same sex partners can create nothing.. And as above So Below.. They just end up creating more desire and degeneration and really messing up their magnetic centers..

I recommend studying The Dalai Lamas or Samael Aun Weor, The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, The Koran, The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali , Buddha, etc...
read these first ~
The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, The Perfect Matrimony, Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology to understand White Tantra..

but do not read this garbage unless you enjoy the material world of lying and deceiving yourself..

Apr 07, 2013

Gentlemen, do yourself a favor. Read this book! More importantly, really work on the practice. It works!

I'm in my forties, average health. Upon working with these teqniques I became super energized, happy, sexy, and had endless stamina. I learned to orgasm (without ejaculating) anytime, anywhere. I once nearly wrecked my work vehicle while driving on the highway having these thrilling orgasms pulsating through my body - all with both hands on the wheel! It really is amazing.

To Sarah - I wouldn't Gentlemen, do yourself a favor. Read this book! More importantly, really work on the practice. It works!

I'm in my forties, average health. Upon working with these teqniques I became super energized, happy, sexy, and had endless stamina. I learned to orgasm (without ejaculating) anytime, anywhere. I once nearly wrecked my work vehicle while driving on the highway having these thrilling orgasms pulsating through my body - all with both hands on the wheel! It really is amazing.

To Sarah - I wouldn't bother. It's clear that your deep insecurity would never allow for the kind of openness required of individuals seeking this kind of personal development. May your man's high-paying job bring you happiness.

For Debra - Maybe some older men have learned to control their timing but this book takes you further. I expect that many men, young and old, have learned to stop and think about baseball to prevent what the author calls 'the Little Death'. But I doubt many have learned, on their own, how to recycle the chi energy and prevent the painful accumulation that is 'blue balls'. This is where the dicipline really comes in. If you do it right, practice the breathing and energy cycling lessons, that smug smile on the face of the model on the cover will unwittingly appear on yours. It has for me. It has positively effected every aspect of my life.

Don't give up and don't give in to common notions of sexuality - especially you, old dudes! ...more

October 8, 2017

For mature men
This is a must-read for mature men. I have learned so much about my body and how to keep my love life going as my body declines in older years.

February 10, 2017

Five Stars
Secrets every man or couple should know... if you want more PLEASURE

May 27, 2017

The book has lots of practices and techniques that'll help ...
The book has lots of practices and techniques that'll help you build your sexual muscles and techniques. I've been doing these for a while now, but this book teaches them in a way that added a variety to my routines.

Aug 11, 2012

This book blew my mind. I've always been interested in sexuality and making love and now I finally have the time to focus on this fascinating area. The book is about how any man can experience multiple orgasms and dramatically enhance his sexual relationship. It should be on the bestseller lists! It was great for me to read, as a woman, because it gave me so much insight into male sexuality. The fact that men are as capable of having multiple orgasms as women was, for me, awe- inspiring. And, of This book blew my mind. I've always been interested in sexuality and making love and now I finally have the time to focus on this fascinating area. The book is about how any man can experience multiple orgasms and dramatically enhance his sexual relationship. It should be on the bestseller lists! It was great for me to read, as a woman, because it gave me so much insight into male sexuality. The fact that men are as capable of having multiple orgasms as women was, for me, awe- inspiring. And, of course, multi-orgasmic men enjoy better health, vitality and longevity! ...more

June 12, 2011

Danger: The finger lock can trigger tuberculosis on the epididymis
Even though the finger lock described within this book is very effective, I don't recommend anyone to practice any technique contrarian to the natural course of things like the finger lock described within this book. If you are a perfectly healthy man then there should NOT be any problem. But if you have already got tuberculosis in the past or other bacterial disease then by stopping yourself from ejaculating you are forcing the bacteria from urine to the epididymis which has almost NO blood circulation and consequently NO defence. So if you get a harmless infection on your epididymis after practicing the finger lock, go straight to see your urologist and ask him about genital tuberculosis or syphilis infection. The lesson is: don't reverse any natural functionality of your body because it can trigger unplanned disease! Live a happy life with what you already have. Good bless!

February 13, 2018

I recommend this book.
Helped with some issues and to my delight, improved the situation.

December 3, 2017

Great read for men who are looking to expand deeper into their sexuality.
Sex is way more than what we are lead to believe and this is a great read to help us (men) expand deeper into our sacred sexuality.

July 17, 2016

Zero value
You're joking me. Author talks over and over about how great his finding work, but never tells what it is or how to do it. I'd love a refund, or my time to read this crap back.

Jun 03, 2010

This should be mandatory reading before becoming sexually active. Life-changing stuff.

April 4, 2015

I feel more like, if i bought it
it spends too much time telling you why you have to read the book instead of explaining the content. I feel more like, if i bought it, i will read it... but after 100 pages of telling you why you have to read it, and few techniques explained... i lost interest in it.

October 12, 2018

Excellent introduction to enhanced sexuality
This is the shortest but comprehensive book in sexuality from Taoist perspective, a very good introduction to the practice of sexual health. Aging is not the decline of sex but the mastering of the art of making love. Really good book

Jun 09, 2007

Very Enlightening. This book is a must for men who want to develop skills to heighten the sexual experience and raise their stamina.

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