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Knitted one too many sweaters that scream "homemade"? Help is
here! Finishing techniques are the key to turning out
professional-looking projects. This comprehensive reference gives you
the know-how you need to get gorgeous, polished results every

  • More than 50 expert techniques cover increases,
    decreases, seams, blocking, decorative finishes, and more
  • Master
    each method with step-by-step illustrations, easy-to-read text, and
    dozens of color photos
  • Bring along this handy guide wherever you
    go--the spiral-bound design lies flat for trouble-free

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February 25, 2003

This one goes in the knitting bag, not on the shelf
First, my copy doesn't look anything like the photo here. It has a wonderful covered spiral that is very appropriate for use while you're actually knitting. I've been carying this one around with me ever since I got it. Since I've forgotten what my GM and Aunties tried to teach me when I was little, and I just recently picked up this obsession again, I consider myself to be self-taught, or book-taught. I just never learned advanced techniques, and I really need the pictures to show me what to do. There are no classes available in my little out of the way town. The lovely little church-lady expert that helps me out, well, I just don't want to bug her at 1 AM! In no time, I was doing more professional looking garments, and making items that my family will actually wear in public. They're "custom made and designed" now, not just home-made.
The book includes Cast-ons and Bind offs as well as all kinds of increases, decreases, seams, picking up stitches, borders and bands. It even has about 8 different kinds of buttonholes. Then there's the techniques that I had never heard of before: I-cord, and knitted shoulder pads, and a very unbiased discussion on the different uses of flat knitting versus circular knitting. And finally, the worksheets help get you on the right path to keeping track of what you plan on doing. An index is the only thing missing from this book.

October 27, 2008

Errors in Illustrations
I am a very experienced knitter, and for a while I gifted this book to family and friends who were learning to knit or working to improve their skills. However, as I have recently started to incorporate this volume as a resource to further my knitting studies, I have recently determined that certain illustrations for two fundamental skills profiled are not correct. The K2tog illustration is not correct. Same goes for a increase skill known as a Lifted Increase, for the mirror technique that is performed on the left public side of a garment. This is a huge disappointment, and I will no longer recommend this book to others who are at beginner to intermediate skill levels. Only those with sufficient experience can disregard these errors. Instead, check out from your library the now out-of-print edition of PRINCIPLES OF KNITTING, by June Hemmons Hiatt, or purchase the Montse Stanley KNITTER'S HANDBOOK, now published by Reader's Digest, for more accurate and clear teaching along with correct illustrations.

July 19, 2003

too little information
This book has many detailed pictures and instructions on cast-on, cast-off, increase and decrease techiques.. which is great.
HOWEVER, not enough information on the FINISHING techique. If you really wanna learn the finishing skill, your money will be better spent if you buy another book.
The author's pros and cons comment on the different knitting techniques are great, but can be repetitive
(eg. Three needle bind-off. Cons: require three needles... DUH!)

April 11, 2005

Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques
I'm a bit disappointed in this book and I agree with a previous reviewer. I already know how to knit - I bought this book to learn about FINISHING. I don't really find much in it that will help me with finishing.

July 25, 2006

Worse than before.
I bought this book because I agree that most what makes or breaks most hand-knit items is the finishing. So I tried a new "tubular" cast-on technique offered by Wiseman as the "most professional, beautiful, elegant" cast-on possible. The only drawbacks she identifies for it are that it takes more yarn and more time. Well, I'm all about taking more yarn and more time to get it right. So I closely, carefully followed the instructions, did everything right (which I knew because the "discard" piece of contrast-color yarn I started with pulled cleanly out of the tube) and I ended up with a RUFFLED edge that flares out away from the hips. And not in a good way. Gah. Why didn't I just stick with the old dependable long-tail cast-on I've used for 20 years?

June 7, 2010

Stick with Vogue Knitting
I like the fact that this book explains the pros and cons of individual techniques in a systematic fashion and explains when each technique is useful. But I found that in most cases, this book contains the exact same information as Vogue Knitting, but with diagrams that are harder to follow. In some cases, Vogue Knitting actually contains more information.

For example, this book describes a Kitchener Stitch bind off that you can use for 1x1 ribbing that is very elastic and good for areas like the neck where you need a lot of elasticity. Among the "cons" the book mentions is the fact that you can only use this bind off for 1x1 ribbing. While that statement is, strictly speaking, true (you can't use this exact bind off for 2x2 ribbing), Vogue Knitting features a modified version for 2x2 ribbing that this book does not have!

Bottom line: Go with Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book for better diagrams and more info!

November 5, 2007

Don't go by the title
Okay the worst thing about this book is the title. The book does not really focus on "finishing techniques," but is a great all-round knitting reference book. It's fast becoming my favorite because of the clear directions and illustrations (including really helpful guidance that other books don't make, such as SSP is for the beginning of a row and P2tog is for the end). When I have a question, this is the first place I look. (Then I go to Margaret Radcliffe's book, the the Vogue book, then . . .)

This book is also flat and easy to use with the spiral binding. Definitely portable.

July 21, 2013

This is not a book of finishing techniques as I think of them. It is more a quick reference for a fairly new knitter. It has a chapter on cast-ons, one on increases, one on decreases, etc.

January 17, 2014

Great book on finishing - If you hate it you'll find easy techniques here
When I first got this book I wasn't into finishing, but I have to say it's such a good book that now I find I don't mind seaming something up. I've even grafted without tears!! The book is well organized, very readable with good illustrations and a handy pros/cons list for each technique to make sure you can pick the right one for your yarn and project. I use this book all the time and keep it handy for quick reference. It covers all finishing situations and is easily understood. This one's a keeper!

April 12, 2014

finishing it ....
There are a couple of "finishing technique" books for knitters available now. This is one of the better ones. It is not too
large and can be tucked into your knitting bag. Most of my questions were easily answered without having to read the
entire book through text. I recommend it as an alternative for people who don't want to spend the top dollars for the
bigger books.

August 21, 2004

Book binding- spiral bound
This is not a comment on the content of the book (which is very good) but rather on the binding. The spiral bound copy is poorly made- it squeaks and creaks (equivalent to nails on a chalkboard). I know it sounds crazy, but it is so bad I am going to exchange this book for another... that I will actually enjoy using.

February 26, 2015

Covers cast-on, bind off, increase, decrease, seaming, and blocking, advantages/disadvantages and much more.
I was very pleased with this book. It has good directions for different kinds of casting on, binding off, how they look and when to use the different kinds. It also covers many types of increases and decreases, also explaining how to do them and when to use them, the same for seaming, and blocking. An excellent book for any knitter to help make more beautiful and durable knit articles.

February 19, 2016

Pass on it
Old and out of date. Missing many of new techniques

September 23, 2011

Finishing Techniques
The most beautiful knit fabric will make an awful sweater if the finishing techniques are not right. There is so much information to help make that perfect project in this small book. Only 144 pages, but they are packed with information. The books starts with Nancie's Finishing Secrets, 7 tips that only experience can teach.

There are variety of cast-on methods, seven in all, and five bind-off methods. Also, increases, decreases and selvages. There are even eleven seam stitches explained! There are nice diagrams, photographs, or both for each of the techniques.

Also covered is picking up stitches, borders, bands, finishes, which includes crochet edges, and so much more.

This is a hard cover book with a heavy spiral binding. It has a lay-flat design for easy use so you will never lose your place.

Two worksheets finish the book for planning the next project. This is a very nice reference book for hand knitters.

Dec 29, 2009

I always turn to this book for cast-ons. It's also spiral-bound, which I think should be mandatory for all crafting books...

November 16, 2017

... storage -- i'm knitting again and it is the perfect guide to finishing techniques
I already own this book but it is in storage -- i'm knitting again and it is the perfect guide to finishing techniques. I will donate the other to the library when I get it back -- it should be shared.

August 1, 2010

Great Techniques for All Knitters
I have been knitting for nearly fifty years, yet was so happy to find this book of finishing techniques...a great reference! "Finishing" is kind of a misnomer, since the book includes well-illustrated and adequately described techniques and directions from the start to the finish of your project. There are many different cast-on methods, for different purposes; selvage edges; hems; bind-offs; buttonholes; short rows; more types of seams than I knew existed; and much more.

The volume is spiral-bound and compact enough to carry in your knitting bag. Wish I had bought it sooner...a great gift for yourself or a knitting friend!

June 17, 2011

Another must have for a knitter's library
I am very glad I purchased this book. The section on cast ons and bind offs was very useful especially when it gave reasons for the different methods and which cast on went with what bind off. The parts on increases and decreases did a good job explaining common instructions in patterns and were easy to follow. It also included instructions for edge finishing, doing buttons and zippers, Icords, etc. I especially like the binding that allows it to lay flat so I can follow the instructions as I read them. I use this book all the time.

July 2, 2019

excellent condition
as advertised. no markings, only shelfwear - could not be happier. Shipped quickly. Thank you!

August 6, 2018

Excellent reference on knitting in general!
Very helpful reference. Glad others reviewed it highly because I chose it based on the positive reviews... and it is well-written, contains photos, and is easy to read.

February 6, 2015

Not the most bang for your buck
Most of the information in this book is available in the back of any current knitting magazine, or beginner's book of knitting. A better, more comprehensive book is Katharina Buss' 'Big Book of Knitting' of the most comprehensive books currently in print.

August 4, 2015

Part of the help I've needed
I have used the book as one tool, alongside the internet and other books to help me improve techniques. There will never be one source of written help for the task! My brain does not work that way.

February 14, 2015

but otherwise good.
Thought it would have more instructions for seaming, but otherwise good.

March 7, 2014

was only ok for me
i rated two stars because it was too hard to follow. would recommend to more advanced knitters. do you have one for beginners?

March 29, 2012

Acceptable, portable book for finishing
I'm currently working on my Master's Level 1 hand knitting program and purchased this book for reference material. The book is ok. There doesn't seem to be much there that isn't in other reference books I have. I do enjoy that it is spiral bound and hardback. This makes it a great book for travel. Since many of my other reference books are not formatted for travel use, I see this book being in my bag most of the time.

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