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"...I was convinced that Story of O was going to
revolutionize the book trade, that I would sell hundreds of thousands of
copies across the world, and that moral attitudes would change
overnight. The audacity of this novel seemed to me to be liberating
rather than provocative. I perceived the promise of a new freedom. And I
expected to cause a shock."--Jean-Jacques Pauvert, from the
When Story of O was first published in 1954
in Paris by Jean-Jacques Pauvert, it narrowly escaped censorship by the
Department of the Interior and eventually became the most widely
translated French novel in the world.
It describes in cool,
elegant language the experiences of a young woman as she willingly
enters a dark maze of perverse sexual practices within a clandestine
amoral society. Revelling in pure fantasy, its theme is total submission
through love to excesses of sadism and masochism, and the bond of
Now Doris Kloster, a photographer specializing in
issues of women's sexuality and power, has realized a long-standing
dream. She has created a photographic representation of one of the most
famous and controversial erotic novels ever published.
The result
is another sensation. The Illustrated Story of O presents over
50 superb images which mirror perfectly the intense eroticism of the
novel. Shooting entirely in Paris and its environs, Doris Kloster has
succeeded in matching characters, locations, costumes and props to the
original descriptions. And each magnificent color photograph is
accompanied by a short extract from the novel. In addition, there is a
Preface from Doris Kloster herself and an Introduction from Jean-Jacques
Pauvert, the original publisher of the novel.
The Illustrated
Story of O
presents a rich visual feast that will delight fans of
Doris Kloster's work, and appeal strongly to connoisseurs of the darker
excesses of sexuality. It is destined to become a classic collector's

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July 20, 2003

interesting though not as good as i expected
this is a midiume size coffee table version of the story of O which on the surface looks like a very good idea, one of my favorite books beingillustrated by one of my favotire erotic photographers, two of the most importent women, to my opinion, in SM erotics joined together to this creation, what can go wrong?
well it's not completly wrong there are a few really nice shots, especialy the one who are influenced by the compositions of great art work like los manianes by valasquese or the greek school by paphael, the models are very pretty and the whole thing's very nice light and posed. but it has nothing to do with the book, first of all not all the book is there, only parts of it, basicly it was done to match 3 major location from the book, the palace of roasy, her time with the training woman who also brands her and a few smaller scenes with rene and sir stephen. it's very unlike the atmosphere paolin reage was building in her book it looks too much like fun, nothing hurts, no pain or mentioning of pain. it's very cheep erotic magazine style, done in a perfect professional way, but lacking any emotions or intention.
it's a nice photo book to give somone as a present, somone very vanilla who would like to see himself as kinky, i'm sure i'll look on it a few times more, but it doesn't worth the money if you are looking for somthing interesting or original

August 20, 2019

Beautiful illustrations of a fantasy
I think it's a great work of art -- it really captures the scenes well. Kudos to the photographer and her staff for bringing these visions to life.

November 13, 2013

Great book!
This a a clear and honest illustration of the original masterpiece. The person who photographed it was intimate with the original.
Produced with love and care.

January 18, 2013

Very nicely done book.
This book was very nicely done closely following the story line of the original printed book. The photographs highlighted some of the high points of the printed book. A nice complement to the printed book.

March 5, 2016

A Surprise!!
I was expecting a a paperback novel or hardback..I wasn't expecting all those wonderful photos. I'm at fault as I didn't read the book description well. A Beautiful Book!

January 4, 2013

Loved It!
Great visuals for a classic story. A friend recommended this book to me, after I read the same book in paperback. I enjoyed seeing how someone else envisioned the story. My own ideas were not far off.

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