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The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple
of America (often called the The Circle 7 Koran / Circle
Quran), teaches that all
Blacks are of Moorish origins but have had their Muslim identity taken
away through slavery and racial segregation. The Prophet Noble Drew Ali
advocated a return to the Islam of our Moorish forefathers, offering
redemption from racial oppression by reclaiming our historical spiritual
heritage. While incorporating Islamic rituals and practices, this was
truly a new American Koran. 
The Moorish Science
Temple of America
required rigorous obedience to the Prophet’s
regulations. The group’s sacred text was the Holy Koran --
Circle 7 Koran / Circle Seven Quran -- which was
distinct from the Qurʾān of orthodox Islam, and which members
considered to have been divinely revealed by Allah to the Noble Drew
Ali. The Moorish Science Temple Koran includes: 

  • a
    narrative spanning from the Fall of Man to the Resurrection of
  • moral instructions by Noble Drew Ali 
  • a
    prophecy of the imminent “uplift of fallen

The Prophet Ali combined
elements of diverse traditions to bring a message of personal
transformation through historical education, racial pride and spiritual
uplift. His doctrine affirms a strong African-American identity, and
promotes civic involvement.


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