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Wondering what is the difference between mystery and suspense? Looking for the best suspense thriller novels and books? Browse the best books, mysteries, police procedurals,read reviews and customer ratings from readers like you. Before you download The Fourteenth Protocol: A Thriller (The Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series Book 2) by Nathan Goodman please read our community Ratings. Read&Download The Fourteenth Protocol: A Thriller (The Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series Book 2) by Nathan Goodman Online

A terrorist on the loose, a country in panic, and time is
running out.

After an eleventh terrorist attack, the American
people are at a breaking point. But when a fledgling special agent
stumbles across the one clue that could break the case wide open, she
uncovers a secret CIA spy operation and becomes the only asset that can
stop it.
Come inside this spider's web of espionage,
conspiracy and intrigue, and witness young Agent Baker's struggles
against evil and her own fears as they take her to the edge of the
abyss; and the clock is ticking.
The first in the series of
high-octane espionage spy thrillers
200 5-Star Reviews for
the unrelentingly fast paced espionage thriller book

/>"Ripe with SUSPENSE, ESPIONAGE, and RIVETING ACTION...preys upon
our worst fears: Terrorism in our own backyard. I've found a new Brad
Thor espionage book collection...a spy series thriller novel that keeps
you guessing and an ending that will leave you hungry for more." />--- Michael Lucker, Screenwriter to Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks,
Fox, Universal
-– Kevin McLaughlin,
Special Agent, DEA
"Like David Baldacci or Jack Reacher
thriller book collection all in one. Undoubtedly one of the best spy
thrillers I've read in years. This spy series is fast paced,
"...his writing is excellent...this
will be a best selling terrorist spy thriller in 2016...makes my top
list of espionage thriller books to read."
heroine in peril, Jana Baker, is such a strong female lead character.
She's scared but has the guts of any male special agent. Makes for one
of the great thriller books to read."
"The plot is a
mix of James Bond, 24, and Call of Duty."
--- Russ Atkinson,
Special Agent, FBI (ret.), thriller book author.
"I am
going to blow off work so I can finish reading this spy mystery series.
No joke. An intrigue novel that has New York Times bestseller list 2015
written all over it."
"One of the best new mystery
thriller has hit this one out of the park. One of the
best terrorism crime novels I've read in years. A new Jack Reacher.
Can't wait until this thriller is made into a CIA spy thriller series
"...a mystery book with an edge of
your seat quality that keeps you sucked in."
ended up falling in love with the main characters...definitely a 2016
"I really hope this kind of thing
doesn't happen in real life. A government conspiracy that leads all the
way to the white house and the president, a rogue CIA agent...and just
one FBI special agent to stop it."
"The undercover
CIA thing is so realistic. I love finding the bestselling mysteries like of my favorite thriller books to read in 2016."
"Terrorism, suspense, gunfire, romance...all with a strong
female lead character. What else are you looking for? Rivals the New
York Times bestsellers by Brad Thor, Lee Child, or David
"A CIA spy series to watch."
"This book is like a Jody Foster / FBI special agent
Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs without the lunatic
psycho...faced with death and a white house government conspiracy. If
this book doesn't become one of the bestselling mysteries out there, I
don't know what would."
"I can't wait for the
sequel...another espionage thriller series!"

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