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It may perhaps be thought, that in prefacing a manual of
drawing, I ought to expatiate on the reasons why drawing should be
learned; but those reasons appear to me so many and so weighty, that I
cannot quickly state or enforce them. With the reader's permission, as
this volume is too large already, I will waive all discussion respecting
the importance of the subject, and touch only on those points which may
appear questionable in the method of its treatment.
ii. In
the first place, the book is not calculated for the use of children
under the age of twelve or fourteen. I do not think it advisable to
engage a child in any but the most voluntary practice of art. If it has
talent for drawing, it will be continually scrawling on what paper it
can get; and should be allowed to scrawl at its own free will, due
praise being given for every appearance of care, or truth, in its
efforts. It should be allowed to amuse itself with cheap colors almost
as soon as it has sense enough to wish for them. If it merely daubs the
paper with shapeless stains, the color-box may be taken away till it
knows better: but as soon as it begins painting red coats on soldiers,
striped flags to ships, etc., it should have colors at command; and,
without restraining its choice of subject in that imaginative and
historical art, of a military tendency, which children delight in,
(generally quite as valuable, by the way, as any historical art
delighted in by their elders,) it should be gently led by the parents to
try to draw, in such childish fashion as may be, the things it can see
and likes,—birds, or butterflies, or flowers, or fruit.

/>iii. In later years, the indulgence of using the color should only be
granted as a reward, after it has shown care and x progress in its
drawings with pencil.

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