The Autism Job Club: The Neurodiverse Workforce in the New Normal of Employment Info

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The Autism Job Club is a groundbreaking book for bringing
adults with autism and other neuro-diverse conditions into the work

This second edition of The Autism Job Club
includes a new Foreword by Steve Silberman, author of the best-selling
NeuroTribes, along with an Afterword by the authors. The
Afterword covers the many employment initiatives for adults on the
autism spectrum launched just in the three years since the book was
originally published.
The book has its basis in the autism job club
that the authors have been part of in the San Francisco Bay Area, the
job-creation and job-placement efforts the club has undertaken, and
similar efforts throughout the United States.
The authors review the
high unemployment rates among adults with autism and other neuro-
diverse conditions more than two decades after the ADA. Bernick and
Holden also outline and explain six strategies that, taken together,
will reshape employment for adults with autism: the art of the autism
job coach; the autism advantage in technology employment; autism
employment and the internet economy; autism employment and the
practical/craft economy; autism and extra-governmental job networks;
autism and public service employment.
The Autism Job Club is a
vital resource for adults with autism, their families, and advocates
who are committed to neuro-diverse employment, not unemployment. But it
also speaks to a far broader audience interested in how to carve out a
place for themselves or others in an increasingly competitive job

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Reviews for The Autism Job Club: The Neurodiverse Workforce in the New Normal of Employment:


Feb 13, 2018

Had some good information, but most of the information was about employment in general. I'd say only about 10% of the book is actually geared at gainful employment for adults with autism, but ending each chapter with a paragraph about how the information in the chapter applies to autism.

And frankly, it's a lot of "no crap" information, like networking. Yes, of course, networking will help anyone and everyone gain employment...

Mar 10, 2019

This book provided a good overview about the difficulties that people with autism encounter when finding and maintaining employment. Currently, I am a job developer for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and hoped to discover new strategies to help me find employment for my people. It was a solid read, but it didn't give me any strategies that were different from what I've already tried.

Dec 20, 2018

Tries to cover everyone who falls under the autism umbrella in a book that is short on substance. There are good ideas that help get one's mind working, but there aren't many breakthroughs. Reads more like a progress report for the job organizations mentioned in the book.

Jul 18, 2018

Dry as a bone, and really pertaining more to employment in general with a sprinkling of autism anecdotes. But maybe interesting for someone with less knowledge of the topic.

Adults with autism are one of the fastest growing neurodiverse groups seeking to enter the workforce. Employment attorney Bernick and Holden (Regional Commissioner, U.S. Dept. of Labor) share not only ...Full Review

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