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Demystification has become an intellectual buzzword; finally, we
have a book that accurately fits the definition. When most people think
of "hypnosis" they imagine either a sinister, Mesmeresque
figure declaring to his subject "you're getting sleepier and
sleepier ... your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, you vill go
into trance," or an entertainer compelling a subject to "cluck
like a chicken." In this comprehensive introduction to hypnosis
based on the pioneering work of Milton H. Erickson, Bill O'Hanlon
demystifies the concept of "trance" and "hypnosis."
He goes to the heart of the subject by answering the question:
"What is trance?" But be forewarned: This is no dry, formal
discourse on trance induction techniques. Rather, readers are invited to
share the experience of attending one of O'Hanlon's lively
and popular two-day workshops on Ericksonian hypnosis. In an energetic
and often humorous manner, O'Hanlon takes his audience through the
basics of trance induction and explains the how, what, and why of
hypnosis. Readers familiar with Erickson's work will be delighted
at the author's Class of Problems/Class of Solutions approach,
which deconstructs Ericksonian interventions and provides a powerful new
tool in directing clients toward solution. Each individual element of
trance induction is explained clearly, through the use of case examples,
demonstrations, and audience participation exercises. The book's
gradual approach takes readers through the hypnotic process in a
step-by-step fashion, increasing their skills and confidence.

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