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Check out fan reviews for So Much To Celebrate: Entertaining the Ones You Love the Whole Year Through. Explore titles in Home Improvement & Design, Gardening, and Pets & Animal Care. Check out Katie Jacobs books and read our community reviews and ratings before downloading So Much To Celebrate: Entertaining the Ones You Love the Whole Year Through Read&Download So Much To Celebrate: Entertaining the Ones You Love the Whole Year Through by Katie Jacobs Online

Celebrate life's joyful moments with inspiration from
Katie Jacobs of!

Create beautiful
memories for your family and friends with help from Katie Jacobs, a
stylist for Reese Witherspoon's lifestyle brand Draper James. In this
essential guide to entertaining, Katie reveals her secrets for throwing
fantastic parties for any occasion, from a casual backyard movie night
to a lavish holiday party. Using Katie’s inspiring ideas and
make-ahead tips, you will be so organized that you can minimize the
fuss, enjoy the time, and celebrate too!

Brimming with creative
party themes for every season, inspiring décor ideas, and
delicious recipes, So Much to Celebrate is the
perfect book for anyone who appreciates good times, good food, and good

Katie Jacobs is a stylist for Reese
Witherspoon's lifestyle brand Draper James, Pottery Barn, and Beaufort
Bonnet Company, among others. A fourth-generation Nashvillian, she's
been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living
Weddings, Nashville Lifestyles
 as well as on Inspired By This,
Fashionable Hostess, and The Scout Guide. Katie is also a photographer,
graphic designer, and foodie. Learn more on Katie’s food and
lifestyle blog,

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Reviews for So Much To Celebrate: Entertaining the Ones You Love the Whole Year Through:


March 7, 2018

This book is simply gorgeous and not only is it expertly written and photographed but the recipes are easy. It's easy to get lost in the pages
Katie Jacobs is beyond talented. This book is simply gorgeous and not only is it expertly written and photographed but the recipes are easy. It's easy to get lost in the pages. Great gift especially for a bride.

March 11, 2019

Needed more ...
I wanted to like this book but there is very little true content. Few recipes - none that I would want to make. Party pictures - but no real details on how to achieve if you wanted to. I found the pictures frustrating actually, as many have no info on them at all. If you are going to show me yummy hand pies or fun ice cream waffle sandwiches - please share the details. Cute balloons - please tell me how.

March 23, 2018

The book is absolutely beautiful!!
I have followed Katie on Instagram and her blog for awhile and so I was SOOOO excited when I heard she was putting out a book. The book is absolutely beautiful!!! I think I may need to order two books though to actually use as a cookbook and the other to use as a coffee table book ...since it is so pretty! My dream would be to meet Katie and actually cook with her in person some time. She seems like the sweetest person ever!

April 30, 2018

Will forever be a staple in my event planning and homemaking repertoire!
Katie’s book gives you a reason to celebrate each and every day. From thoughtful ideas to establish family traditions to gracious ways to bring the neighborhood together on warm summer nights, these pages are filled with inspiration for making the most of every season with your loved ones. Rather than centering merely on aesthetics, Katie’s book reminds you to craft experiences for your loved ones that can be felt (and tasted!), not just seen.

March 24, 2018

Beautiful book that will inspire you even if you’re a non-artsy mom like myself!
Beautiful and easy to read! Must have on your coffee table! May need an extra one if you have curious babies. The pictures are perfection 💕

May 1, 2018

Full of so many great ideas - can’t wait to try them all!
Such beautiful photography. But the recipes are my favorite part! Such a great collection - I don’t know why I’d need another cookbook. Love the simple, elegant, fun southern flair of this book! I’m planning to buy another for a friends housewarming gift! Sharing the love!

May 17, 2018

Five Stars
Awesome book! Awesome author! Awesome recipes!

May 2, 2018

"So Much To Celebrate" beautifully captures the celebration of life, family traditions, food & fun while showcasing Katie's deep seeded roots in a small charming southern hometown. I love how Katie shares her love of making "home" all about the people we celebrate. All the recipes are easy & truly delightful! Simply so inspiring! Cover to cover Katie's gorgeous book is seriously ALL THE THINGS! xo
Franklin, TN

April 13, 2018

Mostly recipes and a few were underwhelming but gorgeous photography
So Much To Celebrate: Entertaining The Ones You Love The Whole Year Through by Katie Jacobs is filled with beautiful photography but it's more of a recipe book with some entertaining ideas, which is not what I was expecting.

The book is divided into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter celebrations and it's laden with glorious photos. There are photos for every recipe, which I really appreciate, but some of the recipes were a little underwhelming. For example, the banana pudding recipe calls for packaged, instant pudding. I've been making this for years since I live in the south and the packaged pudding that requires cooking is sooo much better that everyone I know uses it exclusively. There is a simple pot roast recipe that doesn't call for celery. One of the recipes is just Rice Crispy treats. I'm not a food snob at all and I greatly appreciate simple recipes for comfort foods but as I said, some of these were a little underwhelming.

There were some cool ideas for wrapping packages and other charming tips here and there but for me, it didn't provide a lot of interest.

It is beautifully bound, though, and there is even a ribbon book mark. And again, the photography is sumptuous. Just not my cup of tea, I guess.

May 18, 2018

Lovely book
This is a really pretty book and would make a great gift for a bride, mom, friend who loves to entertain or anyone who needs a little help throwing the perfect party. None of the recipes are too difficult (except for the macarons, which are readily available for purchase so don't stress about making them from scratch if you don't want to) and there's lot's of beautiful pictures to show you what the end result should look like. There's also a ton of beautiful pictures of party table set ups and decorations which will elevate your get together beyond paper decorations from the big box party supply stores.

My only issue was that my copy was shipped in an envelope that arrived almost completely torn open at the bottom and the book inside had sustained enough damage that I would not have felt comfortable giving it as a gift. All four corners on both the front and back covers were damaged and on one corner that damage continued through to the pages (about 15 of them). There was also damage to the spine and a nick in the front over. So, if ordering as a gift I would allow time to exchange if necessary.

May 11, 2018

beautiful but not terribly practical for me
This is a visual feast, a lovely coffee table book that will inspire and entertain. Practically some of the party ideas and recipes are a bit odd, like hot spiced tea and cherry pies for a tailgating party. Sometimes there isn't a lot of inspiration or recipes for the events listed.

The events and decorating ideas seem to be the main thrust, many of the recipes are so basic or common they don't really add anything

The cherry limeade with the addition of grenadine was good, as was the lime coconut bars, but overall, for me, this is more a look at book than actually use.

March 17, 2018

Great party ideas and recipes
So Much to Celebrate:Entertaining the Ones You Love the Whole Year Through by Katie Jacobs is a beautiful coffee table worthy cookbook full of gorgeous full color photographs. It is lovely eye candy even if you never make a recipe or host a party with this book. However, I think it does inspire you to do those things.

So Much to Celebrate is divided into seasons, starting with Spring. Lovely party and recipes are included starting with Easter celebrations and ending with the winter holidays. Jacobs has secrets for throwing fantastic parties for all ages, from more elegant gatherings to casual feasts. The recipes look delicious. These are just a few I would love to try: Strawberry Scones, Cherry Hand Pies, Chicken Pot Pie, Roasted Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad, and Skillet Roasted Chicken Ratatouille.

So Much to Celebrate is truly gorgeous. I love how it is arranged by season. I could look at this book for a long time and be inspired by the pictures. I am not sure I feel like I could effortlessly pull of some of these gorgeous parties though. I was also surprised at all of the alcoholic beverages in this book. One party suggestion was for a whisky tasting party with your girlfriends--complete with a reminder to be sure to provide a safe ride home for your guests. I guess I was a bit surprised to see that sort of party idea offered in this book, but maybe I am just getting older. Also, since the book was touted as one offering parties for family and friends, I can't see doing some of those types of things for family or friends in my area. Otherwise, the rest of the parties are truly gorgeous with wonderful recipes and ideas. I would just rather have seen more non-alcoholic drink suggestions. I gave So Much to Celebrate 4 out of 5 stars for that reason.

I received this book from the publisher at no charge. I was not required to write a positive review.

Jun 08, 2018

This is a cookbook and entertaining book. Beautiful photographs! Nice stories to go along with the photos. A few great recipes for us novices and some helpful party ideas, but overall not for the everyday cook/entertainer.

Mar 23, 2018

This lovely hard back book has so many imaginative ideas and recipes inside for celebrating with your family all year long. I was surprised at all the beautiful color pictures inside showing off recipes and party decorations.

The book is broken up into seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter each section has four or five party ideas. I was very impressed by the Easter Egg Hunt and Mother's Day Tea Party are over the top. This is an idea book with yummy recipes inside. The reader can take bits and This lovely hard back book has so many imaginative ideas and recipes inside for celebrating with your family all year long. I was surprised at all the beautiful color pictures inside showing off recipes and party decorations.

The book is broken up into seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter each section has four or five party ideas. I was very impressed by the Easter Egg Hunt and Mother's Day Tea Party are over the top. This is an idea book with yummy recipes inside. The reader can take bits and pieces of the total party layout and make it their own. Some of the recipes I'd like to try in that section are Hummingbird Cake, Sarah Darling's Tiffany Vanilla Macaroons, Lemon Whoopie Pies with Lavender Icing and Easter Bunny cupcakes.Each one of these have a gorgeous picture of food, deserts and salads. She even includes a few gluten-free recipes.

One of the recipes that blew me away was the ones for the milkshake social. They are s'mores, strawberry sweet tooth and peanut butter pretzel milkshakes. Each of these look like amazing; you'd most definitely need help eating them. The book includes comfort food favorites Southern Skillet Cream biscuits, Popovers, Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagna, Pot roast and more.

The recipe I made was for Salted Oatmeal Cornflake Cookies; my family loved them. The ingredients are easy to find, her instructions simple to follow and each recipe has a make it ahead option. I highly recommend this book as a special gift and/or to use yourself.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from blogging for books. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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September 9, 2019

What a great deal!
Great find at a great price! I ordered slightly used and found it had been a library book! The condition was excellent! Brand new is quite expensive! I was happy to bargain shop and it came as described!

April 30, 2018

This is the perfect book for planning your next party
This is the perfect book for planning your next party! Katie Jacobs keeps it real, with the perfect combination of home made and store bought. Photos are beautiful - this book has been hanging out on my coffee table when not in use!

February 25, 2019

Nothing new and hard to listen to reader.
I ordered this CD hoping to gain some new ideas. It is probably a good book for a new bride or someone who doesn't have any knowledge of entertaining. The reader's voice didn't help.

November 11, 2018

Styling, not entertaining
This isn’t about entertaining; it’s about styling parties. Yes, there are menu ideas. But few recipes. And it doesn’t address how you do all the food & all the decorating. So in reality, these parties would be very hard to pull off.

November 23, 2018

lots of pretty pictures
There are some ideas for organizing seasonal themed parties. The author writes a few sentences about the party, then there are a few recipes and tons and tons of gorgeous pictures of the food and of the party. Many of the recipes are to be made ahead, days or even weeks, and many use prepackaged food. Lots and lots of photos, and some good ideas, but I have not found anything I would really want to make from the book. In a few cases, I liked the idea, but did not like the recipe, and ended up finding a better one in one of my other cookbooks.

June 7, 2018

Very bloggish!
Lots of pretty and inspired ideas and recipes in here but nothing that really jumped out at me as something I would want to replicate. I like how it was divided up by season but wasn't focused on holidays, since not everyone celebrates the same ones. In ten years I think this will feel really dated but at the moment it's all very on trend.

May 20, 2018

Nice range of recipes and ideas for celebrations
The only reason why I rated Katie Jacobs's "So Much To Celebrate: Entertaining the Ones You Love the Whole Year Through" is that I wish that nutritional info was provided for personal reasons. Otherwise, this is a beautiful put together entertaining and cookbook. The recipes range from decadent to comfort to fancy to casual. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the 'richness' of some of the recipes (I could feel my blood sugar levels spiking just looking at that chocolate raspberry cake), but the recipes are for celebrations so they aren't everyday recipes (although Honey Mama's Pot Roast is totally a twice a month possibility... it was so good).

What I like best about the recipes is that the ingredients are ingredients that I can find. I recently read a recipe book that was about doing more with less but the recipe ingredients required going on a treasure hunt and defeated the purpose of being more with less. The ingredients for the recipes in this book are within my grasp.

The recipes are well laid out with good directions. The photos that accompany the text are inviting and fit the 'lifestyle' genre. Again, the only thing that I wish the book had was a nutritional info listing but I also understand that with a book like this, you aren't really looking for nutritional info on the dishes. Otherwise, I really like the book and the range of recipes and ideas.

April 19, 2018

More a recipe-based coffee table book than a cook book
Luxurious to look at. If you know someone who likes to cook and host special events for friends and family, this is a nice gift. It’s full of happy photos of food and people enjoying themselves. Really, the photos are the standout part of the book. It’s more a food picture book than a cookbook. Yes, it’s full of recipes, but they are nothing special. I think most people will pick this because of the pictures and high quality of the book itself than for the recipes. Not that the recipes are bad, but they aren’t special like the book itself is.

But that’s JustMe.

April 7, 2018

Wonderful imagery, great ideas but very sophisticated cooking - at least from this forever bachelor's perspective.
I originally picked up this book because so few of them actually help you to plan a party with creative ideas. It's a beautiful book that is outlined in a fun format including headings like "Get the look" and "make it ahead", a section designed to give you guidance on the more difficult recipes. Here's the thing, this is not an easy book and far from being a book for beginners (which I am) as there are very few recipes in here that don't take hours of prep time. I'm sure Katie has a following because she extraordinarily gifted but this book is not for inexperienced cooks.

There was a popcorn recipe that is simply baking the corn with Virgin Olive Oil, cheese and rosemary and does seem to add a bit of sophistication to a drab snack but lots of work for a party-sized batch. I probably won't creat parties like this but it's worth having just for the pictures. If you know people who love to cook and host parties, this is a fabulous table top treasure.

April 5, 2018

A beautiful book
This is a beautiful book that encourages readers to celebrate the everyday moments in life with party planning ideas and recipes. I'll admit that most of the themed parties in the book seem way over my head, particularly since the hubs and I are both introverted and tend to not entertain much, to say nothing of the fact that I'm expecting a baby, oh, any day now. But if you're the hostess type (Taylor, I'm looking at you!), this would be a great book. And the recipes look fantastic. Regardless of whether we ever host a party, I have a feeling I'll be making, say, the salted oatmeal cornflake cookies. Get in my (very pregnant) belly. This book would also be fantastic for a gift if you have friends or loved ones who like to entertain. In short, it's not exactly what I need or am looking for right now, but for the right person at the right time, this is a gorgeous book.

April 1, 2018

This is the size of a coffee table book. The pages are thick and gorgeous. It's a bit difficult in this age to come up with refreshing ideas for home celebrations with Pinterest in existence. While this book is lovely and inspirational with its photos, I didn't feel like it was extraordinary only compared to the wealth of information on Pinterest. If I don't have access to Pinterest or want some inspiration without the internet, this would be a great place to turn for recipes and party inspiration. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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