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As this book is written for boys of all ages, it has been
divided under two general heads, "The Tomahawk Camps" and
"The Axe Camps," that is, camps which may be built with no
tool but a hatchet, and camps that will need the aid of an axe.
/>The smallest boys can build some of the simple shelters and the older
boys can build the more difficult ones. The reader may, if he likes,
begin with the first of the book, build his way through it, and graduate
by building the log houses; in doing this he will be closely following
the history of the human race, because ever since our arboreal ancestors
with prehensile toes scampered among the branches of the pre-glacial
forests and built nestlike shelters in the trees, men have made
themselves shacks for a temporary refuge. But as one of the members of
the Camp-Fire Club of America, as one of the founders of the Boy Scouts
of America, and as the founder of the Boy Pioneers of America, it would
not be proper for the author to admit for one moment that there can be
such a thing as a camp without a camp-fire, and for that reason the tree
folks and the "missing link" whose remains were found in
Java, and to whom the scientists gave the awe-inspiring name of
Pithecanthropus erectus, cannot be counted as campers, because they did
not know how to build a camp-fire; neither can we admit the ancient
maker of stone implements, called eoliths, to be one of us, because he,
too, knew not the joys of a camp-fire. But there was another fellow,
called the Neanderthal man, who lived in the ice age in Europe and he
had to be a camp-fire man or freeze! As far as we know, he was the first
man to build a camp-fire. The cold weather made him hustle, and
hustling developed him. True, he did cook and eat his neighbors once in a
while, and even split their bones for the marrow; but we will forget
that part and just remember him as the first camper in Europe.

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