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When your grandparents make bathtub gin and go shopping with
funny money, and your dad flaunts his degree from the school of hard
knocks, you grow up learning that "life ain't no got-dem
picnic." These lessons are handed down to Cathy Curran by Eastern
European immigrants who learned how to survive caring little for
aesthetics--"if it worrrks, who gives a got-dem what da hell it
looks like."
Lucky for Curran, her mother is a gentle
soul with a dry wit. Lillian Low's homespun values--people come in all
flavors just like ice cream--bring joy and humor into the Low house.
When restless Joe Low ditches one suburb for another just because he
wants a do-over, Lillian tells him, "How the hell many do you need?
Don't you know that wherever you go, you've got to take yourself with
Along for the ride is the colorful Low clan, who
turn up to celebrate the arrival of Joe and Lillian's army of kids. They
eat, drink, sing, Joe gets plastered, and all too often scotch-fired
arguments lead to some good old-fashioned fistfights, which are
immediately forgiven with an unspoken rule--shut up and forget it, then
it all gets swept under the rug. But when Curran pulls up the carpet,
pandemonium emerges from hell with a vengeance.
Through the
vision of a sensitive young girl with a wickedly funny voice,
"Secondhand Scotch" uncorks some harsh realities, but never
ceases to warm and entertain.

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