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“roam around St Kitts & Nevis” is a comprehensive
Caribbean travel book that is dedicated entirely to the islands of St
Kitts & Nevis. The authors have visited both islands on several
occasions and have personally experienced many of the attractions
available to visitors. All of the photographs in this St Kitts & Nevis
travel guide were taken by the authors.
Table of Contents in
this St Kitts & Nevis travel guide:
Information About St Kitts
/>Basseterre, St Kitts
Beaches in St Kitts
Water Based
Activities in St Kitts
Land Based Activities in St Kitts
/>Historical Sites in St Kitts
Nightlife in St Kitts
Out in St Kitts
Festivals in St Kitts
Getting Around St
Information About Nevis
Charlestown, Nevis
in Nevis
Water Based Activities in Nevis
Land Based Activities
in Nevis
Historical Sites in Nevis
Eating Out in Nevis
/>Getting Around Nevis
Travel Tips
About Us
Table of Contents is a working ToC, which means that you can click on
any item in the contents and go straight to the beginning of that
chapter. Naturally, there are lots of photographs and maps included in
this Caribbean travel guide.
The first half of this Caribbean
guidebook is devoted to St Kitts, and the second half to Nevis. Each
half of this St Kitts & Nevis book has a chapter containing useful
information about each of these two islands, and includes a map of the
relevant island that can be used as a navigational tool when exploring
by car, bicycle or on foot. It contains general information, including
banking and shopping hours, currency exchange rates, departure taxes,
advice about acceptable attire in public places, entry requirements,
wedding requirements, and a whole lot of other useful bits of
information that will help to ensure that you have an enjoyable visit to
this twin island nation and make the most of your time there.

/>Separate chapters in this Caribbean travel book are devoted to the
capitals of each island, Basseterre and Charlestown, and both include
detailed maps that can easily be used to find your way around each city,
plus a description of the amenities to be found there.
St Kitts & Nevis have many lovely beaches between them, several of which
are shown in the photographs included in this Caribbean travel guide
book. The beaches of St Kitts & Nevis are described in the relevant
chapters, and general descriptions of the amenities at each beach are
included. Water based activities are described in separate chapters, and
include such activities as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and
day sailing.
Both St Kitts & Nevis boast excellent hiking,
with lots of rugged coastline and mountains to explore. All of the land
based activities, including hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking,
4X4 jeep tours and a host of other activities are described in the
“Land Based Activities” chapters.
This St Kitts
& Nevis guide ebook includes information about eating out on the
islands, whether it be formal black tie dining or casual barefoot
dining, and everything in between. With this Caribbean guidebook you can
get a good idea of what’s available before you set foot on
either island.
This St Kitts & Nevis book includes
information about getting around the islands. St Kitts is just 69
square miles/176 square kilometers in area and Nevis is even smaller at
36 square miles/93 square kilometers. Neither island has a very dense
network of roads, so they are very easy to navigate. Visitors arriving
from northern cities will find the roads almost deserted in comparison.
Local visitor maps are good and places of interest are generally well
“roam around St Kitts & Nevis” is
part of the “roam around” series of Caribbean guidebooks
for Kindle and Kindle apps. If you’d like to get a sneak peak
into this St Kitts & Nevis guide ebook, “roam around St Kitts &
Nevis”, scroll up to the top of this page and click on the
“Look Inside” feature at the top left hand side of the

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