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Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that has long
been regarded almost beyond the possibility of successful treatment. For
many patients a diagnosis of MS has meant the end of a normally
functioning life. Not any longer.

Celeste Pepe was a vigorous 42, a
busy chiropractor and naturopath, when she got an MS

What does an expert in alternative medicine do when she
gets seriously ill? Dr. Pepe realized it was time to put her deep
belief in alternative medicine to the test. She resolved to find and
employ effective natural ways to reverse this condition and restore her
health. She did, and her multiple sclerosis is now a thing of the

Dr. Pepe's remarkable healing odyssey took her through many
disciplines, theories, and practices in the world of natural medicine,
and into the depths of her own body and mind. In the end, she distilled
her successful treatment into a program that any MS patient can follow
to restore health. She explains this with clarity, medical precision and
a strong measure of encouragement.

Using her own healing
experience, Dr. Pepe explains the steps that can help the MS patient
turn the corner on this disease: detailed nutrient testing and
fortification, bee venom treatment, allergy testing and dietary changes,
personally tailored nutritional plans, the use of specialized
supplements, chelation therapy, regular exercise, and the replacement of
mercury amalgam dental fillings. "I truly believe that if you
diligently apply these healing protocols, which I have learned, you will
no longer be known as an 'MS victim,'" says Dr. Pepe.

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