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This book provides parents with a comprehensive,
scientifically-based guide to the facts, myths, problems and solutions
associated with raising a vaccine free child. It helps them protect
their children both from the wiles of the vaccine industry and from
harmful germs. With 467 references, there are no trendy anti-vaccination
myths in this book. Readers will learn that immunization is not the
reason for the absence of some infectious diseases, that insidious,
long-term side effects are very common, and that there is a media
blackout on the topics of vaccine side effects and vaccine failures.
Understanding the difference between childhood illnesses and the other
infectious diseases is the key to understanding immunisation. This book
advises parents on how to bring children safely through childhood
illnesses like measles and whooping cough, and discusses medical and
non-medical prevention and treatment of the non-childhood infectious
diseases. The myth that herd immunity exists paves the way for the
persecution of non-compliant health-conscious families. The information
in this book empowers parents of vaccine free children to withst and the
accusation that they are spoiling herd immunity. A look at the early
documents regarding vaccination reveals that it is an unscientific
procedure that is based on falsehood, cruelty and supposition.

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September 5, 2009

Please, PLEASE, do not waste your money on this book
This is the first book that caused me to come around to my husband's rigid way of thinking, which is that you should be very skeptical of reading a book written by someone without board-certified credentials in the field of interest. It is also the first book that made me feel so duped for buying it I took time away from raising my kids to write a review. I am an avid reader and it is one of the most poorly written books I have ever read. Even if the author's 20 years of experience have given her wisdom, they have not given her the basic skills to compose an argument or write a book. While the author is knowledgeable, the book is hardly scientific. Citing references for the multiple cases of wronged individuals does not make an argument scientific. The chapter titles have little to do with the information contained therein. Each chapter is yet another opportunity for the author to tell you about how terrible THEY are, how the opposing team made this or that comment at a presentation she made, or the minutiae of child x's bad experience with the government. And I assure you, I am on the author's side-I am against vaccines. Knowing that, I don't need a whole book to tell me why I should stand where I already do. And even if I weren't standing where I am, the author doesn't provide a level set of facts for making a decision, she offers chapter after chapter of emotional opinions and personal experiences. What I had really hoped to find in the book was, 'how bad, really, are the childhood illnesses like measles and mumps and how does one help their child get through them?' While a chapter was dedicated to each of the illnesses, there was less than a page of information on what a parent would actually do to help the child get through them. It was a huge dissappointment. I would recommend Aviva Jill Romm's, "Vaccinations; a Thoughtful Parents Guide" (written by a certified professional midwife and herbalist with a more liberal leaning) and Stephanie Cave's, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" (written by a doctor with a middle of the road approach). If you want to know how to handle the measles or mumps, you'll have to ask your grandmother.

October 30, 2006

Very Poorly Written
While I would like to rate this book more highly because of the good information that it contains, I cannot recommend it. It is extremely poorly written, and there is no bio of the author. This is a controversial topic and non-vaxers are bucking the mainstream, which means that they need to be extra meticulous when making the case against vaccines. There are better resources out there, skip this one.

October 10, 2007

A must have...
This is a must have book for those raising or planning on raising (or even wanting to know about raising!) a vaccine free child.

I learned a great deal about all of the VPDs (vaccine preventable diseases) and how to properly treat them - something most people aren't aware of anymore!

This is well laid out, researched, and cited. I highly recommend it!

September 21, 2007

Ignorant , dangerous ideas
Who is Wendy Lydall anyway? The so-called expertise in this loopy book appears to have come from People magazine. You can bet that Ms. Lydall was vaccinated as a child. Why in the world would she want her children (and yours) to remain susceptible to some of the most awful and crippling diseases that can today be easily prevented.
She makes whooping cough sound like a bad case of the flu. She doesn't tell you that it has a 1% death rate with seizures and brain damage in 5%.
She says that vaccines have not caused the decline in incidence of pertussis, diptheria, polio, smallpox, yellow fever, tetanus, tuberculosis, hepatitis,hemophilus, meningitis, influenza, measles, mumps, rabies, rubella, typhoid and chickenpox. She says the declines in incidence were caused by some natural "cycle". She gives no evidence for this extraordinary claim, but expects you to swallow it.
She berates "callous irresponsible medical officials", but overlooks the fact that medical people are responsible for producing the huge improvements in public health over the last century.
This book would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous.

January 15, 2009

Who is this person?????
I urge anyone contemplating purchasing this book to reread the authors bio...20 years as a healthcare activist? What does this mean? She writes letters to people? She has published articles? Now she is writing a book that will make irresponsible parents feel better about risking their children's lives? I agree with the other reviewer who suggests we all read the Paul Offit book that I originally signed on to Amazon to purchase. He is a physician who is a Vaccine Researcher. I am a Registered Nurse of 14 years, mother of five vaccinated children and work in a pediatric office. I am sick and tired of random women calling themselves experts in the field of vaccination research while leading others to believe that the healthcare industry is lying to them. I suggest you educate yourself with medical facts based on real research, which is what I'm going to do by reading the Offit book.

November 14, 2008

distinction between childhood and malevolent diseases
First of all, let me point out the things I don't like about the book:

- There is no index, making it difficult to search a specific issue in the book.
- The book is not as well organized as it could be, I would have liked to see it organized by diseases or vaccines, instead of focused only on vaccination myths.
- I would have liked a section on resources, and some more info on the author.
- I don't agree on some of the authors' nutrition advice, since I believe she underestimates the role that fresh, organic raw foods can play in a person's well-being.

Having said the above, this is the book on vaccinations that I have referenced the most, because it is extremely well-researched; has a lot of good historical, factual information; is very informative of the healing powers and limitations of homeopathic medicine; and also has clear information on what to do when/if a child is sick with a disease.

The book is a good expose of the vaccine industry, presenting clear arguments to contradict the claims made by this industry, and illustrating the means they use for deceiving the general public, and the financial motives behind this deception.

Last and not least, the author makes a very clear distinction between childhood and malevolent diseases, which is absent in most other vaccine related books. This distinction is very important not only for those who decide not to vaccinate their child, but also for those who want to apply a limited number of vaccinations, since you have a better understanding of what the short and long term trade offs are of the vaccines you want to apply.

I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to make a decision on the well-being of their child.

November 23, 2007

What happens when you child contracts tetanus?

"The natural reservoir of C. tetani is soil, where it is a ubiquitous resident..." (Madigan & Martinko. Pg. 904)

"Treatment of acute symptomatic tetanus involves administration of antibiotics, usually penicillin, to stop growth and toxin production by C. tetani; administration of antitoxin to prevent binding of newly released toxin to cells, and supportive therapy such as sedation, muscle relaxants, and mechanical respiration to control the effects of paralysis. Treatment at this level cannot provide a reversal of symptoms, since toxin that is already bound to tissues cannot be neutralized. Even with antitoxin, antibiotics, and supportive therapy, tetanus patients have SIGNIFICANT MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY." (Madigan & Martinko. Pg. 904)

"To cause tetanus, spores must be deposited deep in tissues, where oxygen is unavailable. This occurs in deep cuts and puncture wounds. Stepping on a rusty nail has a reputation for leading to tetanus, but it is tetanus endospores, not rust, that cause the disease--a shiny new nail can be just as dangerous if spores are present." (Black. Pg. 732)

So what are you going to do once your kid cuts themselves outdoors and tetanus is a grim possibility? Give them herbs and orange juice? Your child will die more than likely. Better keep them in a bubble!


Black, Jacquelyn G. Microbiology: Principles and Explorations. 6th ed. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005.

Madigan, Michael T., and John M. Martinko. Brock Biology of Microorganisms. 11th ed. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006.

August 18, 2006

Great book for raising a healthy child
End the fear campaign that vaccines bring about. Learn how to treat the childhood diseases and do it w/o fear and w/o intimidation. Vaccines aren't the best thing since sliced bread and childhood diseases do have a purpose.

November 8, 2008

Anyone raising an unvaccinate child is endangering their child and mine. This is lunacy based on fear and urban legends. Shameful. Read "Vaccinated" by Paul Offit...an actual doctor.

September 4, 2009

vaccines save lives!
Too bad there has been so much poor science to distract from the truth... vaccines save lives!!! I have witnessed first hand how vaccines have prevented disease. I have also witnessed many times, unfortunately, the horrorible death of a child that could have been prevented with a simple vaccination. For those who don't vaccinate, for your child's sake, I hope they are the lucky ones not to catch something preventable.

June 16, 2009

Very informative book
This is a great book! Not only does it have great information on vaccines themselves, but it also handles topics like how to deal with outside pressure to vaccinate, what to do if your child gets sick (since many people don't know what to do short of giving them lots of drugs), and how to treat vaccine damage. The book is fully referenced and a great resource to have at home.

November 10, 2011

I fully agree with several others posting one star reviews. This author is dangerous. There is a wonderful explanation of why you should vaccinate your child on youtube by Penn and Teller - [...] take a look, and decide for yourself.

March 21, 2008

Poorly written
I was also very disappointed in the poor writing/editing. There is some good scientific information in this book but it's very poorly organized. Most of the book talks about the harmful effects of vaccinations and not about "raising a vaccine free child" as the title suggests. The author gives no credentials or BIO. She only covers a few of the vaccine preventable diseases. She is obviously extremely anti vaccination so this would not be a suitable book for someone who is still undecided or coming from the mainstream.

October 22, 2008

Not Impressed with This Book
I have lots of vaccine books and this one didn't impress me in the least. In fact, I couldn't even get through it and certainly wouldn't lend it out or recommend it to anyone else.

March 5, 2009

Vaccine concerns
A good article on vaccines and there possible effects. Found some of the ideas quite interesting despite contradicting standard medical practices.

August 8, 2011

Most Helpful vaccine book I've read
I would highly recommend this book. I was already confident of my decision not to vaccinate before reading the book, but I didn't feel confident discussing it with people who didn't share my beliefs. After reading, I feel very confident disusing the topic with my children's pediatrician or anyone else who would like to discuss it.

December 9, 2009

A MUST-READ for concerned parents
If you are concerned about vaccinations, their possible connection to rates of autism, cancer, asthma, allergies,.. the list is too long, you must read this book and make an informative decision. Conclusions of this book are not popular and still not in line with the opinion that is being fed to the population through mass media. The book has personal stories of the author, as well as a tonn of references on vaccine-related research results. It is easy to read and understand. A must-read on immunization topics!

November 4, 2010

the best book ever written!!! Thanks
The best book ever written!!! Thanks Vendy for beeing so brave to tell us about this in your book! Every parent should read this!

July 8, 2009

Powerful and profound!
Raising a Vaccine Free Child should be the goal of all parents, regardless of what you believe about vaccines. After all, a vaccine is a small amount of poison - aimed to trigger a blood battle in our veins. Or so we are told. In this book, you will find a well thought out discussion on the reasons the medical profession and the media hide the suggestion that vaccination is NOT necessary. In fact, you will learn that vaccination can be dangerous. It's a profound and powerful book, and every parent and would-be parent should read it. If you want more on why NOT to get vaccinated

October 2, 2015

Basic Health 101
This is a must read for every parent! It is like Basic Health 101. This is not only how to care for your child when sick, but details on every disease that they have a vaccination for. The childhood diseases that we want our children to have as a child, and why, and how to avoid catching or becoming seriously ill with other diseases. She explains in detail why vaccines do not work, and has tons of credible references. I'd known for a long time that I didn't want to give my children vaccinations, but was still fearful of some of the more serious diseases. I no longer fear, but know how to be prepared. This book is very eye opening. I recommend it, even if you are not a parent!

January 10, 2014

It's a MUST read for anyone with children! Get the facts and learn what you can do to protect your child without toxic poison.

January 21, 2019

Great book to add to the repertoire of research
Very informative. Anyone who wants to review another (educated) person's experiences and research should read this.

February 24, 2018

Excellent guide written by an expert who also raised her kids vaccine-free
Like many parents, I started out as a vaccinating mother and gradually gave my kids fewer and fewer vaccines after seeing other children injured by vaccines and doing more research. Because of that decision, I bought many books about vaccines over the years (on all sides -- pro, con and as close to balanced as a vaccine book can be). I found this book to be extremely well researched and helpful. I love that the author not only has years of experience in this field, but raised her own kids vaccine-free and has firsthand knowledge of how to deal with things like whooping cough. She also gave excellent advice about the importance of keeping kids with measles away from harsh sunlight and other precautions that you don't necessarily find from sources who don't have as much knowledge and experience with kids who are actually sick from once-common diseases like chicken pox, measles and mumps. I found it very helpful and consider it an important book to own if you raise your kids without vaccines or want to know more about why more and more people find that it's the right choice for their families. None of my children have ever had whooping cough, measles or anything worse than the flu (and even that has been very rare), but I'm glad to have this book to be educated on what to look for and how to treat them if they ever became ill. It's a great resource.

Apr 06, 2013

This book should be in the library of every parent who chooses not to vaccinate their child. Included very practical advice for what to do if your child happens to acquire one of the infectious diseases.

Dec 08, 2015

Some interesting facts, but there are better books on the subject. Good chapter on how vaccinations came to be. People are fucking insane, let me just leave it at that.

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