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Now in its Ninth Edition, Public Budgeting Systems is a complete
and balanced reference that surveys the current state of budgeting
throughout all levels of the United States government. The text
emphasizes methods by which financial decisions are reached within a
system as well as ways in which different types of information are used
in budgetary decision-making. It also stresses the use of program
information, since, for decades, budget reforms have sought to introduce
greater program considerations into financial decisions.
Ninth Edition has been updated to give particular attention to several
recent developments in public budgeting and finance including:

Steps that have been taken by governments to battle the effects of the
“Great Recession” and to enhance economic recovery. In the US, this
includes the actions of the Federal Reserve as well as legislative
efforts, such as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Significant increase in use of fiscal policy tools to stimulate economic
recovery, in contrast to most recent previous 20 year period.
• The
federal government’s direct role in the operations of the private
sector will be explored. The government has become a major stockholder
and therefore has a financial stake in seeing that corporations succeed.

• Unprecedented federal deficits, as well as extreme budgetary
challenges at the state and local level, including a discussion of
causes and possible solutions.
• Other changes during the Obama
presidency, including the passage of comprehensive health care reform
and changes in the management agenda.
• Continued developments in
financial and debt management, including additional GASB requirements
and the effects of the recent economic contraction on the borrowing
prospects for state and local governments.
• Additional recognition
of the effects of the global economy, resulting in an increase in the
pages devoted to discussing international examples.

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Nov 24, 2017

This is going to be my go-to book for teaching public finance for graduate students.

Apr 25, 2019

Pretty damn dry and repetitive (even for a textbook) but absolutely full of useful information in a well-written manner that includes a lot of real-world political examples. This is one rental textbook that is worth buying.

Sep 12, 2011

So far this is one of the easiest to read text books I've had. It's incredibly straightforward, enlightening and well organized.

Mar 02, 2008

need to review public revenue generation? how about budget schedules? actually, its embarrassing to uncover what i, a tax paying citizen, don't already know about the system.

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