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If you want to build applications that take full
advantage of Windows Vista's new user interface capabilities, you need
to learn Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This new
edition, fully updated for the official release of .NET 3.0, is designed
to get you up to speed on this technology quickly. By page 2, you'll be
writing a simple WPF application. By the end of Chapter 1, you'll have
taken a complete tour of WPF and its major elements.

WPF is the
new presentation framework for Windows Vista that also works with
Windows XP. It's a cornucopia of new technologies, which includes a new
graphics engine that supports 3-D graphics, animation, and more; an
XML-based markup language, called XAML, for declaring the structure of
your Windows UI; and a radical new model for controls.

second edition includes new chapters on printing, XPS, 3-D, navigation,
text and documents, along with a new appendix that covers Microsoft's
new WPF/E platform for delivering richer UI through standard web
browsers -- much like Adobe Flash. Content from the first edition has
been significantly expanded and modified. Programming WPF includes:

  • Scores of C# and XAML examples that show you what it takes to
    get a WPF application up and running, from a simple "Hello, Avalon"
    program to a tic-tac-toe game
  • Insightful discussions of the
    powerful new programming styles that WPF brings to Windows development,
    especially its new model for controls
  • A color insert to better
    illustrate WPF support for 3-D, color, and other graphics
  • A tutorial on XAML, the new HTML-like markup language
    for declaring Windows UI
  • An explanation and comparison of the
    features that support interoperability with Windows Forms and other
    Windows legacy applications

WPF represents the best of the
control-based Windows world and the content-based web world. Programming
WPF helps you bring it all together.

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