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Listen to any news broadcast today and the message comes through
loud and clear: Islam is a religion of violence and behind every Muslim
there lurks a potential terrorist. Islam is a threat to values of the
Christian West. They are like oil and water. Clearly, they don't mix.
Oil & Water: Two Faiths One God confronts these popular
perceptions head-on. With keen insight and gentle understanding, it
explores the differences between Christianity and Islam, as well as the
many things these two enduring faith traditions hold in common -
including, first and foremost, their belief in and desire to be faithful
to the one, true God; their shared roots and scripture (from the Jewish
faith); and the spiritual values of peace and social justice. Written
for Christians by Muslim world-religions scholar Amir Hussain, the book
is divided into two parts. Part 1, provides an overview of the Islamic
faith and of the lives of Muslims in North America today. Chapters focus
on the place and identity of Muslims in society, as well as on the
importance and role of Muhammad, the Qur'an, and basic beliefs and
practices (The Five Pillars of Islam). Having provided a foundation for
understanding, the book moves on, in Part 2, to explore key points for
dialogue today, including issues of violence and jihad, the roles of
women and men, and the mystical tradition within Islam. The final two
chapters look at interfaith dialogue and the practical aspects of being
good "neighbours." In all of this, the book invites the reader to a
place of reconciliation, to a place where the truth and value of each of
these great faith traditions can be recognized and honoured by the
other. In the end, the metaphor of oil and water is an interesting one
for the reality of conflict and the hope for reconciliation between
Islam and Christianity today.

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