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May 11, 2017

He bravely describes the torment of his father and Elie's own disappointment in himself
Elie Wiesel is a Nobel Prize winning author and Night was his first step into the arena. But his aim was not to become a world renown author and historian but rather to tell his personal story of the incomprehensible Holocaust. One of the passing characters in the book escapes from the concentration camp and returns to his home town to describe the atrocities he saw, and no one believes him, because how could human beings perpetrate such deeds, and how could others possibly bear them. Elie Wiesel continued his mission throughout his life with the intent of immortalizing those who died, including his entire family (except for one brother if I remember correctly). He campaigned during the rest of his life for many locations of genocide in the world, but first and foremost in the book tells his very personal story of the concentration camp inhumanity, torture and murder. He bravely describes the torment of his father and Elie's own disappointment in himself, a boy merely 16 years old, in his passivity. He makes the characters of his family come alive and you feel the grief and tragedy in their murder. But some main impressions are people's disbelief that what they heard could actually happen to them, and later the belief that tomorrow would be better but it never was. He is brave to be able to describe in detail the hunger, flith, exhaustion and death of so many in a way that lets you see the horror but not so vividly that you have to skip pages, which often happens to me with Holocaust descriptions. I think I skipped one incident. I was glad to see it available as a kindle book because I always felt it was a hole in my cultural experience that I had not read it. It is a classic and I hope it will continue to be read by many. Given that Elie Wiesel died this year I felt it provided a greater understanding of who he was and what he and his people went through. May it never happen again.!

September 15, 2017

Not enough substance
Not enough substance

December 3, 2019

Amazing Timepiece. Must read.
Arrived in good condition.
Book speaks of a day and age and of horrors somewhat forgotten in time. A must read for anyone with an Inquisitive mind and a love of history, good or bad.

August 11, 2016

A Living Real Time
It was an excellent book but extremely sad and hard to believe what humans can do to one another and still survive. Those that did these atrocities will face their judgement surely. I have read many books on the Holocaust, and each one is even more telling than the last. No.....I'm not German, and I have never lived through such horror. I'm just a Christian who cares about every living thing on this Planet and wishes there were peace for all living things... I'm terrified of what the world is coming to, its written in the Bible and if you don't believe Revelations or any other book in the Bible there is no chance for all.

August 7, 2016

Night is a poignant account of the tragedy in Elie Wiesel's childhood.
The transaction of my order was smooth and very quick. I received the hardcover 2 days after purchase. I'm very happy with 365 bookstore. I will definitely order from them in the future.
I believe that Night should be read by all age groups. It flows smoothly and sheds light upon the life of Eli as a young man.

May 8, 2017

Lest we forget
It is hard to rate or review like "Night". The written descriptions are so vivid and tragic, you wish no one ever had to go through something so horrific. This should be a must read for all humans, to allow us to better empathize with one another on a human level, no matter race, religion or creed.

April 26, 2017

Excellent book about the Holocaust. I highly recommend it.
A depiction of what transpired for the unsuspecting Jewish people during the dark period called the Holocaust. Everyone should be required to read this in high school. The world must never forget what the Jewish race endured.

April 30, 2017

I have always been drawn to books about WWII. This is a very sad, horrifying true story of the torture endured by a young man and his father in Auchwitz. It is a real "eye opener "!!

May 7, 2017

Great book, extremely sad
it was great if you wanted to know about the holocaust from someone's view point. but it was from a 16 year olds view point so kinda sad.

August 4, 2016

Only on cd 2 but so far it is amazing story hard to listen to and imagine what these ...
Only on cd 2 but so far it is amazing story hard to listen to and imagine what these people went through and Guidall makes it so real

April 25, 2017

Amazing style of prose. Puts the holocaust in a really personal perspective. I absolutely recommend reading it-- action is the only remedy for indifference

August 11, 2016

Five Stars
good buy

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