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Fan Club Reviews of best titles on art fashion, artists, history, photography. Check out our top reviews and see what others have to say about the best art and photography books of the year. Check out Last of a Breed: Portraits of Working Cowboys Community Reviews - Find out where to download Last of a Breed: Portraits of Working Cowboys available in multiple formats:Hardcover,Paperback Last of a Breed: Portraits of Working Cowboys Author:Martin H. M. Schreiber,Louis L'Amour Formats:Hardcover,Paperback Publication Date:May 9, 2017

• Collects Schreiber's iconic Cowboy photography• A romanticized
yet gripping depiction of archetypal masculinity and homoeroticismOur
idea of what a cowboy looks like is shaped by many influences: Hollywood
with its countless movies, American country music in all its variety,
the famous Marlboro commercials and, of course, Brokeback Mountain. What
all these images have in common is that they are mostly fictitious or
at least removed from reality. Similarly, Martin Schreiber does not
claim to depict reality in his photographs. His works mix romantic,
idealized images of a pristine landscape with the toils of hard labor,
and blend the smell of testosterone with a sultry homoeroticism. And yet
his photographs are more truthful, closer to reality than many
others.Of course, Schreiber took his pictures more than 30 years ago,
long before the debate about male role models began to take hold. This
is what makes them so appealing. For more than a year, Schreiber roamed
the vast landscapes of Texas, camera in hand, visiting cattle farms and
rodeo shows and portraying cowboys at work, in their leisure time, in
the saddle and on the couch.

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November 17, 2004

In admiration of cowboys . . .
Photographer Schreiber is a romanticist of the West, with an eye for the individuals who choose life and hard work in the outdoors. His deep-focus black and white photographs often find their subjects in the foreground against the vast landscape, an empty sky, or a large sparely furnished room. The strenuousness of the work can be seen in photos of men slouched in chairs or on the ground, staring blankly.

Some pictures have familiar subjects, such as branding calves and roping horses. Others are nice surprises: four men talking together and leaning across the hood of a Ford pickup, a backyard photo of a wedding party, the groom and two best men in big cowboy hats, a cowboy outside a liquor store holding a flat of six-packs. Schreiber in his introduction says the cowboys he's known embody the qualities of honesty, integrity, sincerity, and kindness. This collection of photographs is a celebration of those values.

July 8, 2013

gOOd rEAd
last of a breed
martin schreiber
a great read
a great gift

bb okc

July 4, 2014

Four Stars

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