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Robert Rubin was sworn in as the seventieth U.S. Secretary of
the Treasury in January 1995 in a brisk ceremony attended only by his
wife and a few colleagues. As soon as the ceremony was over, he began an
emergency meeting with President Bill Clinton on the financial crisis
in Mexico. This was not only a harbinger of things to come during what
would prove to be a rocky period in the global economy; it also captured
the essence of Rubin himself--short on formality, quick to get into the
From his early years in the storied arbitrage
department at Goldman Sachs to his current position as chairman of the
executive committee of Citigroup, Robert Rubin has been a major figure
at the center of the American financial system. He was a key player in
the longest economic expansion in U.S. history. With In an Uncertain
, Rubin offers a shrewd, keen analysis of some of the most
important events in recent American history and presents a clear,
consistent approach to thinking about markets and dealing with the new
risks of the global economy.
Rubin's fundamental philosophy
is that nothing is provably certain. Probabilistic thinking has guided
his career in both business and government. We see that discipline at
work in meetings with President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Chinese
premier Zhu Rongji, Alan Greenspan, Lawrence Summers, Newt Gingrich,
Sanford Weill, and the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan. We see Rubin apply
it time and again while facing financial crises in Asia, Russia, and
Brazil; the federal government shutdown; the rise and fall of the stock
market; the challenges of the post-September 11 world; the ongoing
struggle over fiscal policy; and many other momentous economic and
political events.
With a compelling and candid voice and a
sharp eye for detail, Rubin portrays the daily life of the White
House-confronting matters both mighty and mundane--as astutely as he
examines the challenges that lie ahead for the nation. Part political
memoir, part prescriptive economic analysis, and part personal look at
business problems, In an Uncertain World is a deep examination of
Washington and Wall Street by a figure who for three decades has been
at the center of both worlds.

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