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Howards End by E. M. Forster

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July 24, 2014

Poorly typeset edition: reviewing ISBN-13: 978-1490507187, pub. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
This is a lovely book, a great read. This edition, however, is poorly done. There are a number of typographical errors (some of which are quite distracting, as I dislike finding erroneous punctuation marks inserted randomly) and the pages are not set well. The margins were badly formulated, leaving less than a 1/4" for the outer edges, which is both aesthetically unpleasing and impractical, as it makes taking marginal notes an impossibility. The paper quality is fine, but the book looks cheap nonetheless. I occasionally buy Dover Thrift editions of classics, as they are very cheap and fairly reliable, but I wanted a higher quality edition of this novel. I was wrong: the Dover Thrift edition might actually be about the same quality as this one, perhaps even better, and it is a much better buy.

January 24, 2008

love howard's end - hate junk characters on this particular kindle version
howard's end is my favorite novel of all time. this particular kindle version has junk characters salted throughout starting with a 6-character+ string of fractions on first page. i think there are other kindle versions of howard's end though.

March 27, 2009

Poorly formatted
I second jeanette's review--very poor formatting, impossible to read. Keep looking for a different copy of this public domain book.

August 14, 2014

If you've never read Forster, start with this book!
Despite a problem with formatting which accounts for four rather than five stars (the book started out looking like a typed manuscript then reformatted to a Kindle font with very bad line breaks - had to try various fonts and page borders to be able to read it) I loved this book. Usually I read light mysteries, and had never read any Forster. The writing is luminous, slowly revealing the characters and their situations. Though many may find the plot twists a bit unbelievable, real life can be that way sometimes. I particularly appreciated Forster's sympathy with Margaret and Helen, showing their inner lives, chronicling their journey from cosmopolitans to country people via Mrs. Wilcox and her family. Forster weaves early 20th century problems and musings seamlessly into the book, showing us both the triumphs and pitfalls of Empire at a remove. The oddly happy ending warmed my heart. Well worth the 99 cent price tag and the messing around with fonts.

May 26, 2018

A Working Copy?
I don't know what happened with the formatting and editing in this book but it was so bad I couldn't read past chapter one.

April 22, 2018

STARZ series read
What an interesting read! I got the book because I was unclear on the reason for the show. What was this about? Personal relationships among the classes are so complex and yet so very simple. Yes, quite interesting!

June 14, 2019

It's a classic - good book - bad product
I got this expecting a brand new product - clearly though its not new...

The novel itself is great though.

September 9, 2017

Started slow but well worth reading
As with all English novels it started off a little slow but as it went on it gathered momentum. Well worth reading

April 18, 2018

Read before (or after) viewing STARZ episodes on TV
Must read for incredible STARZ episodes. But
Amazing book— no wonder a classic!

December 24, 2014

Five Stars
A classic must-read!

November 8, 2014

Interesting; Memories of former movie

March 2, 2014

Not the usual book size................
I did not like the pamphlet style format. I found it hard to read and had to fold back one side or the other. Also, the text was small and hard to read. When I ordered the book I was not aware it was this unusual size.

November 15, 2013

It is just a mildly interesting book.
It is just mildly interesting. The characters are not particularly strong. I needed to get almost 1/2 way into it for a plot to arise. It is very dry and not really thought provoking.

December 17, 2016

Four Stars
I enjoyed it but I like Pride and Prejudice more.

September 24, 2014

I love E. M
I love E.M. Forster's "Howard's End," and have read it repeatedly over the years. But I will save my five starts for Forster's truly great masterpiece, "A Passage to India," which resonates today with its racism theme and universal appeal. Both books, however, need more recognition, especially since both have been made into great, enduring movies by James Ivory and David Lean. Still one cannot miss the printed word and Forster's relevance" "Only Connect!"

October 19, 2007

Who Will Inherit England?
Born in 1879 England, E.M. Forster attended King's College at Cambridge; thereafter his family fortune enabled him to live as please. He traveled extensively; dabbled in the celebrated Bloomsbury Group, which included the celebrated Virginia Woolf; and strove to conceal his homosexuality from the general public until his death in 1970. Although he was widely read during his lifetime, a series of films based on his novels prompted a major re-evaluation of his work during the 1980s and 1990s, and he is now considered among the finest English prose stylists of the early 20th Century.

Written in 1910, HOWARDS END is the fifth of six novels Forster wrote, and like most of his work it focuses on issues of social class. In this instance, the action of the novel centers on the house Howards End and the three families who swirl through it. The house itself is owned by Ruth Wilcox, the wife and mother of a highly conventional, conservative family. Upon her death, she wills the house not to her family, which she feels will not appreciate it, but to friend Margaret Schlegel. Ruth's husband destroys her will and conceals the legacy from Margaret--but in an ironic turn of events falls in love with and marries her.

The story itself revolves around Margaret Schlegel and her sister Helen. Half-German, well educated, and more independent in thought and manner than most Englishwomen of their era, the sisters also become friendly with bank clerk Leonard Bast. In their efforts to assist him, however, they become leading figures in a scandal that threatens the Wilcox family as a whole. Throughout the novel ownership of the house, and the lies and hypocrisy used to retain it, becomes a symbol of class struggle as those who have power and status (the Wilcoxes) seek to retain it and those who do not (the Basts) seek to obtain it.

Forster is indeed a great stylist, and although the novel is indeed famous for its themes and symbolism he never places them above story or characterization. He possesses both the gift of straight-forward narrative and delicate touch, and the result is a perfect balance, a pure pleasure to read from start to finish. Although HOWARDS END is not as widely read as A PASSAGE TO INDIA, it certainly deserves to be. Strongly recommended.

GFT, Amazon Reviewer
Still laughing at the negative voter

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