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“During a time of tremendous change and uncertainty,
Healthcare Disrupted gives executives a framework and language to
determine how they will evolve their products, services, and strategies
to flourish in a increasingly value-based healthcare system. Using a
powerful mix of real world examples and unanswered questions, Elton and
O’Riordan lead you to see that ‘no action’ is not an option―and push you
to answer the most important question: ‘What is your role in this
digitally driven change and how can your firm can gain competitive
advantage and lead?’”―David Epstein, Division Head, Novartis

“Healthcare Disrupted is an inspirational
call-to-action for everyone associated with healthcare, especially the
innovators who will develop the next generation of therapeutics,
diagnostics, and devices.”―Bob Horvitz, Ph.D., David H. Koch
Professor of Biology, MIT; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

“In a time of dizzying change across all fronts: from
biology, to delivery, to the use of big data, Health Disrupted captures
the impact of these forces and thoughtfully develops new approaches to
value creation in the healthcare industry. A must-read for those who
strive to capitalize on change and reinvent the industry.”―Deborah
Dunsire, M.D., president and CEO, FORUM Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare at a Crossroad: Seismic Shifts, New Business Models for

Healthcare Disrupted is an in-depth look at the
disruptive forces driving change in the the healthcare industry and
provides guide for defining new operating and business models in
response to these profound changes.

Based on original research
conducted by Accenture and years of experience working with the most
successful companies in the industry, healthcare experts Jeff Elton and
Anne O’Riordan provide an informed, insightful view of the state of the
industry, what's to come, and new emerging business models for life
sciences companies play a different role from the past in  to driving
superior outcomes for patients and  playing a bigger role in creating
greater value for healthcare overall. Their book explains how critical
global healthcare trends are challenging legacy strategies and business
models, and examines why historical leaders in the industy must evolve,
to stay relevant and compete with new entrants.

Disrupted captures this pivotal point in time to give executives and
senior managers across pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical
device, medical diagnostics, digital  technology, and health services
companies an opportunity to step back and consider the changing
landscape. This book gives companies options for how to adapt and stay
relevant  and outlines four new business models that can drive
sustainable growth and performance. It demonstrates how real-world data
(from Electronic Medical Records, health wearables, Internet of Things,
digital media, social media, and other sources) is combining with
scalable technologies and advanced analytics to fundamentally change how
and where healthcare is delivered, bridging to the health of
populations, and broadening the resposibility for both. It reveals how
this shift in healthcare delivery will significantly improve patient
outcomes and the value health systems realize.

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Reviews for Healthcare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies:


Aug 15, 2017

The book is great to provide an overview of the forces that are impacting the healthcare system and its rising costs e.g. aging populations, shift to digital, focus on value rather than volume. It also discusses some of the potential outcomes that we could see in the near future. However, I think the book was very very repetitive. It could have been written in 1/3 of the length.

One of the key take aways was around the four emerging healthcare models in chapters 4,5,6 & 7.

Jan 21, 2019

Good overview of where the healthcare industry seems to be going. Did feel a little too big picture/high level without enough call to action to the individual working within these industries (e.g. you'll need data scientists for advanced analytics, but not describing any specific analytics each disruptor should engage in). That said, for the most part it delivered on it's purpose

Jul 03, 2018

Very heavy to the point of distraction on selling Accenture, but overall a decent if somewhat superficial overview of the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare market.

Jun 02, 2016

This book did nothing for me. Reading it made me feel like Bill McNeal in the episode of NewsRadio where he interviews the person who confidently asserts that the future is in "computers". Anyone with a passing understanding of the current challenges facing the healthcare system and the solutions that have been posed won't learn anything new from this book.

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