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Stephen Gilligan's Generative Trance offers a framework for
developing a more creative consciousness and lays out the step-by-step
processes by which this can be done. William James used to say that 'the
unconscious mind is the horse and the conscious mind is the rider: it's
the relationship between the two that is most important.' In Generative
Trance renowned trainer Stephen Gilligan shows you how to harness this
relationship for a much more powerful and effective therapeutic
intervention, and reveals how life can be lived as a great journey of
consciousness. Emphasizing that reality and identity are constructed by
ourselves, Gilligan explains how generative trance is crucial in
creating new realities and possibilities for clients. It is a view that
differs markedly from the traditional hypnosis ideas of a client losing
control, as well as from Ericksonian approaches that feature a
benevolent hypnotist who bypasses the conscious mind to work with a
client's unconscious mind. Instead, generative trance stresses a
'disciplined flow' process in which a person's conscious and unconscious
minds cooperate to weave a higher consciousness capable of
transformational change.

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