Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy Info

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In the 1990s reported autism cases among American children
began spiking, from about 1 in 10,000 in 1987 to a shocking 1 in 166
today. This trend coincided with the addition of several new shots to
the nation's already crowded vaccination schedule, grouped together and
given soon after birth or in the early months of infancy. Most of these
shots contained a little-known preservative called thimerosal, which
includes a quantity of the toxin mercury.

Evidence of
explores the heated controversy over what many parents,
physicians, public officials, and educators have called an "epidemic" of
afflicted children. Following several families, David Kirby traces
their struggle to understand how and why their once-healthy kids rapidly
descended into silence or disturbed behavior, often accompanied by
severe physical illness. Alarmed by the levels of mercury in the vaccine
schedule, these families sought answers from their doctors, from
science, from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and
finally from the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug
Administration-to no avail. But as they dug deeper, the families also
found powerful allies in Congress and in the small community of
physicians and researchers who believe that the rise of autism and other
disorders is linked to toxic levels of mercury that accumulate in the
systems of some children.

An important and troubling book,
Evidence of Harm reveals both the public and unsung obstacles
faced by desperate families who have been opposed by the combined power
of the federal government, health agencies, and pharmaceutical giants.
From closed meetings of the FDA, CDC, and drug companies, to the
mysterious rider inserted into the 2002 Homeland Security Bill that
would bar thimerosal litigation, to open hearings held by Congress, this
book shows a medical establishment determined to deny "evidence of
harm" that might be connected with thimerosal and mercury in vaccines.
In the end, as research is beginning to demonstrate, the questions
raised by these families have significant implications for all children,
and for those entrusted to oversee our national health.

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Reviews for Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy:


June 12, 2005

The consequences are too great for Kirby not to be silenced
I just finished reading this book over a 2 day period this weekend, and reviewed all the reviews here at Amazon before posting my review. The reviews fall into 2 catagories: parents of autistic children appreciative for Kirby's efforts in exposing the thimerosal controversy, and those, who for various reasons, are opposed to the suggestion that this mercury-based derivitive could have caused or contributed to the autism epidemic. For those who left Kirby with a single star, were you criticizing the book itself or the message conveyed therein? Beause, it is clear that the message in this book is extremely disturbing, and a damning indictment for those in charge of assuring the safety of our children.

While it is true that Kirby paints a very sympathetic picture of those affected by autism, it is also clear from my reading of the book that those in a position to respond to many of the allegations raised were not interested in participating in an open evaluation of this issue. And then, why should they, when the CDC, IOM and FDA have already discounted the evidence that would suggest a link between mercury and autism.

Contrary to what some of this book's detractors would have you believe, Kirby does not suggest that any of the opponents of mercury are opposed to vaccines in general. The book makes it clear that the critics just want their vaccines to be safe, which means removing what can only be considered a neurotoxin from the vaccines. It should be remembered that mercury does not contribute to the efficacy of any vaccine, but only helps the manufacturer extend the shelf life of its product.

Kirby lays out some damning evidence, including the fact that only one repudiated study by Lilly was done in 1930 on the safety of thimerosal, and all the people in the study died of the disease being treated so that researchers could not point to any proof of safety. From that point forward, the question should have been where is the proof that thimerosal is safe, not where is the proof that it is not? Also unanswered by the critics of the autism-mercury connection is the question of what is causing the autism epidemic if not mercury?

Kirby's book raised this and many other critical questions, and is a must read for anyone affected by autism. Unfortunately, the main stream media has to date demonstrated very little interest in this book, so that the only people likely to hear about it or read it are those who have been affected or know someone who has been affected.

Kirby does an excellent job of outlining the issues in this controversy, and also proposed treatment methods for those who believe that their child has been poisoned and could benefit from removing mercury from his/her system. I strongly recommend it.

May 8, 2005

Mercury poisoning is not autism
Is this book a good read? Yes. Is it accurate? No.

There is a whole industry growing around the burgeoning 'quack cure' industry and their latest target is parents of autistics.

Study after study after study from country after country after country have demonstrated no link between mercury and autism. By linking the two David Kirby demonstrates his ignorance. Autism is a developmental disorder, mercury poisoning is mercury poisoning. By publicly linking the two when there is no actual link Kirby is responsible for allowing scare-mongering groups to make money off the backs of parents via very dubous 'therapies'. I wrote a long essay about the subject here: [...]

Parents: please read this book but don't assume that one side of the story tells all. Read the science s well as the conspiracy theories.

April 8, 2005

Excellently written, very balanced and logical
This is the first book authored by David Kirby that I have read. For writing on such a Controversial subject one needs to have a lot of guts. He has it. Must read for everybody. [...]

While most of the media blindly write what it hears from scientists sponsored by Pharmaceutical Companies, there are a few exceptions and whistle blowers like David Kirby. This book brings out many facts about strong links between Mercury laced Vaccines and Autism rise. It also raises lot of serious questions about credibility of FDA, CDC, IOM and other agencies who are supposed to protect American people are actually controlled by Pharmaceutical Companies because of direct financial links. A great book, every parent, doctor, healthcare professional, student should read this wonderful book.

April 8, 2005

a more likely explanation for autism epidemic
An interesting read, well written, but only tells one side of the story. As a person with autism, california taxpayer and 8 year veteran of special ed, I must present a different view. The most likely reason for huge increases in numbers of people being diagnosed with autism is due to changes in special education law giving more services and persons with higher functioning autism entering the system. This is borne out by the trends in the 2002 California report which show persons coming in at much earlier ages than before and greatly reduced numbers of persons with autism who also have mental retardation. Rather than an epidemic of autism, we have an epidemic of ABA therapists, special ed attorneys, chelation therapists and others who are out to make a quick buck. Thimerosal has largely been out of vaccines since 2001. When the California numbers went down, Safe Minds Claimed they had proof of Thimerosal as culprit. They backpeddled when the numbers went back up again with no explaination. The 2001 birth cohort going into California DDS will be fully flushed out at the end of 2005 if the prevalence rates are not 4/10,000 for that birth cohort Rick Rollens, Mark Blaxill and others will have some serious explaining to do.

July 15, 2012

Read Dr. Offit's book, too
Kirby is simply a journalist who jumped on board the anti-vax train. He collected a bunch of statistics. But not having a background in research, epidemiology, an MD, imminzations and other scientific areas, he is not in a position to evaluate, understand, or interpret how these statistics/facts relate to each other and how difficult it is to reach an honest conclusion.

Take a look at "Anti-Anti-Vax Steve Novella" on YouTube, in which Novella demonstrates how a scientist approaches a problem. His reasoning powers and critical thinking skills are amazing, and, trying to reach a conclusion about the effects of Thimerosal, he read Kirby's book first, and makes some amazingly intelligent statements that had Thimerosal been associated with Autism, that he would have heard about it before...great...

The 70+ five star reviews are perhaps from mothers of autistic children. They bought the book because it gives it the answers it hoped for. Unfortunately for Kirby, Thimerosal was almost totally removed from vaccines by 2002, but autism levels have continued to rise at the previous rate. Therefore, Kirby's prediction that they would plummet downward (his conclusion was that Thimerosal CAUSED autism) was wrong, and thus, his conclusion was wrong. This book was published in 2006; why didn't Kirby already know this?

But the anti-vac movement is stronger than ever. It has taken on the dimension of a Religious crusade, which regards faith, emotion, gut feelings more important that science. It is an anti-science, anti-establishment, anti-government, and anti-reason. Unfortunately, it also has a body count. Childhood diseases that were falling off, are on the rise again, as parents do not get their children vaccinated because of this false scare. There are no wars going on, so those type of folks who like to go to marches against something have these kinds of marches to go to.

If you read this book you will get the point of view of a journalist. Please read Paul Offit's book, "Autism's False Prophets" or another book that gives an opposite point of view. Get another side of the story.

If Thimerosal and MMR vac do not cause autism, what does? There are probably no easy answers to that question...many different ranges of autism, perhaps there are many ranges of causes. This is NOT a bacterial disease like Measles or meningitis. Why have autism rates gone up? Well, one reason is because more children are being diagnosed with it, diagnostic criteria have changed, the spectrum has widened.

Democracy depends on an informed electorate. That is true, and life is becoming so complicated it is difficult to stay informed on every issue. But it seems that when it regards your own children, it is as important as anything. This book is only one point of view, the view of a journalist. Read a book by a writer on the opposite side and make up your own mind.

It really irks me that Robert Kennedy, Jr. has jumped onto the anti-vacc bandwago (were HIS kids vaccinated? did they deveop autism? or is this simply a political ploty). His articles in Rolling Stone and Salon have been found to be full of factual errors. Salon has retracted the article, and Rolling Stone has removed it from its archives. Kennedy is a lawyer; that's it. The articles might have been written by members of his staff. But he has given his name, the Kennedy name, to an unfounded scare and has totally lost my respect.

Causation, coincidence, correlation, connection, concurrent: these words do not mean the same thing, but many people don't know the different. Correlation does not imply causatin...anecdotal occurances are not the same as scientific testing...please think about these things...

July 20, 2005

This Book Being Made into a Movie? This is Scary!
A recent article said this, "David Kirby's new book, 'Evidence of Harm' is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the connection between autism and childhood vaccines containing the mercury based preservative Thimerosal. The book examines the political and legal side of this travesty and presents information that cannot be disputed. The book is a result of a thorough investigation and is by no means an anti-vaccine campaign. But most importantly, it's obvious that Kirby has no ax to grind."

After reading most of this book, and better yet interviewing Mr. Kirby on my radio show in Sheboygan, WI, I still have many more questions than answers. It is frightening that this book is being made into a movie ala Erin Brockovich. When Kirby told me about this, he was excited. I am scared to death. The only good thing is that the movie will bring the pseudo science in autism, like chelation and radical diets to light and show people how silly they are. The reviewer aforementioned says it's a thorough review of the information. That, I think, is absolutely incorrect. Kirby, without knowing it, is being subtly influenced by the vaccine paranoia people. Beware of books like these because they lead with fear and not knowledge!

Thanks a lot for letting me vent. I know I will get flack for my comments.

Jeffrey McAndrew

author of "Our Brown-Eyed Boy"

May 19, 2005

Riveting read. Were the parents right? An open question.
Let me start with the bad stuff first. This book is manipulative and one-sided. It presents an exhaustively researched, compelling portrait of exactly half of the issue. There's no indication that I can find in the book that David Kirby actually interviewed many of the people who are portrayed as villains here, since most of the footnotes to accounts of conversations and meetings that took place only source the parents' recollections. Scientists are described as "stammering," under verbal attack from the parents, unable to meet their eyes, and yet that is solely the parents' memories of what occurred. Maybe he asked for interviews, and they refused, fair enough. But then he should explicitly SAY in the text that such and such scientist refused to be interviewed to corroborate the account.

There are some inconsistencies--for example: Will Redmond's hair is reported as being "loaded" with mercury,and his mother uses this as proof that he is mercury poisoned, but then a hundred or so pages later the two doctors doing hair analysis of autistic patients surmise that these patients will have LOW levels of mercury in their hair because autistic kids--according to the mercury buildup causes autism theory--are inefficient mercury excreters. Huh?

Now for the good part. It's a great read. It's incredibly, almost to the point of tedium, well-researched (with the caveats I noted above). The story is compelling and gripping.

After reading it, and I have a kid with autism, I am left with a lot more background knowledge of the controversy, but no better understanding of whether the Mercury Moms were right. They seem to be more concerned with picking apart all the studies that have been done rather than conducting their own large cohort studies.

Ultimately, mercury might be an environmental trigger for autism, but this book doesn't prove it.

November 2, 2005

If the author can't get basic ASD facts right...can we trust him?
I was quite interested to read this book, as I am always open to new information on possible causes of autistic spectrum disorders, and I liked the fact that the focus was on the mercury in the vaccines, not really the vaccines themselves. However, I was left cold early on when the author was talking about various disorders on the spectrum, and stated that Asperger's Syndrome is "also known as idiot-savant syndrome" and that it is what the main character in Rain Man had. Two extremely incorrect statements. When you are reading a factual book, and want to learn medical and scientific facts from it, you must be able to trust that the author has done his research and understands his topic. After I found that mistake, my trust in the book was completely shattered. I did read it, but was not able to feel that I was sure I was reading the truth. I don't usually like to judge a book so harshly based on one part, but when the book might potentially influence medical decisions of many people, I think it's fair to hold it to a high standard.

July 26, 2005

A Must Read for the Parents of an Autistic Child..........
their grandprents, doctors, Congressmen, and anyone whom believes that the current autism epidemic is a result of the medical catastrophe involving the use of a known neurotoxin in the mandated vaccines given to children in this country. David does an awesome job of outlining how our government, or should I say pHARMa's government, was bought and paid for by the money generated from profits which harmed a generation of America's children (my son included). He also shows how the CDC and other government agencies schemed to hide the data which proves a direct link between thimerosal and autism. David selflessly put his career on the line in writing this book and for that the autism community is forever indebted to him.

January 8, 2009

Evidence of Harm
While the author does possess that oh so important journalistic flair (which is why I haven't given this book a single-star), he lacks any sort of proper scientific perspective. The issue has been all but settled amongst medical circles while only a small percent of fringe doctors view mercury in vaccines as the cause of any sort of autism. That's all I've got to say on this text of pseudo-scientific yellow journalism.

September 17, 2005

Evidence of Harm
To date, the research focusing on the controversial topic of vaccines, mercury and thimerasol has not confirmed a conclusive link to autism. However, years of evidence of harm lead anxious parents to feel this is a conspiracy. Government agencies have fed those suspicions by continuing a collective chorus of denial and ignored numerous pieces of published researches on this dangerous neurotoxin. The time has come for the government and healthcare industry to come clean with the general public. They are not only required to protect the public from deadly diseases but also defend them against avoidable side effects caused by questionable business practices.

February 10, 2011

This book is written by a shill for parents hoping for a big payout. The author doesn't understand science and is hurting the public by writing misinformation.

April 6, 2006

The Dharma Initiative
By the time I wrestled my way through the mass documentation that medical writer David Kirby has pulled together in EVIDENCE OF HARM, I still wasn't sure if mercury causes ADD, or autism or anything else. But it seems clear that "just in case" it should be eliminated from all vaccines-not just those in America, but drug manufacturers, don't fob the now discredited mercury lined vaccines on the Third World please! Not if you have a conscience!

Kirby seems to be writing two kinds of books here, and they merge pretty much the way you'd expect. One is the human interest story of a group of individual mothers, all of whom begin to suspect that their autistic children were the victims of mercury; they come together, often in poignant ways, to organize and participate in direct political action-a mode of action they would have thought beyond them, had not horrible circumstances brought them no other choice. Kirby also takes us through even larger national and global entanglements, in which drug companies and political parties seem to be conspiring to dominate world trade and possibly quash free discourse. Chapter 10, "Homeland Insecurity," paints a V FOR VENDETTA sort of picture about Bush's 2002 re-election, a "marvelous moment to be a Republican," was also a victory for international pharmaceutics, which have always preferred Republicans to Democrats. Kennedy was ousted as Health Committee Chairman, and meanwhile on November 6 the New England Review of Medicine prints an article completely in support of the drug companies' claims of innocence.

EVIDENCE OF HARM is a tribute, not only to a group of tireless, dedicated mothers, but to every ordinary citizen across the planet who, in the wake of ACT UP, when it was shown that it could be done, is now organizing in a big way to bring direct action against government apathy and pharmaceutical greed during a national health crisis.

And yet, at the end of the book, I bet you'll feel as confused as I do. There's no smoking gun to this story, there's only a lot of desperate guesswork. However, I don't think it's a coincidence that ABC-TV's drama LOST is such a success right now, for it plays into our country's inner fears that we have fallen under the control of a "Dharma Initiative" that is programming all our responses and futures through a twisted chemistry somehow gone scarily awry.

July 31, 2005

Thorough analysis of the Thimerisol/Mercury controversy
Evidence of Harm is a great book that filled a very large void. This book gives an in depth analysis of the role of mercury/thimerisol in Autism and describes the efforts of many parents and scientists to bring this to light, while coming up against obstructionist activities from government agencies including the CDC. The book is balanced and poses both sides of this debate, and includes 1st hand accounts of meetings, phone calls, and e mails, as well as graphs and tables of relevent scientific data. There is also quite a bit of information regarding the possible biological mechanisms and their involvement with Autism. If you have a family member who is Autistic and are suspicious that mercury/thimerisol could be implicated, then you have to read this book.

May 25, 2012

Thimerosol Does Not Cause Autism
Thimerosol has not been in childhood vaccines for many years, and the autism rate continues to increase. Also, the form of mercury in thimerosol is not neurotoxic. Case closed.

August 11, 2006

Explanations for Autism Epidemic
I thank the families mentioned in this book. Each one tried to help their autistic child and wanted an answer to what caused Autism. Some of them started SafeMinds as a result of their research and inquiries. I was born in 1977 and have an ASD so the possible thimerosal in vaccinations causing the Autism epidemic in the 1990s would not explain me. Thimerosal (p. 48) is 49.6 percent organic mercury used as a preservative in vaccinations. Organic mercury (p. 48) is the second most toxic substance on earth. Forget about "polluting" our air and water, and ask why are we putting toxic materials into children? People are more important than the earth! For some reason The Center for Disease and Control and The Institute of Medicine along with Lilly (a vaccine manufacturer) have not cooperated with them in answering their questions or giving them help. Why would Dr. Thomas Verstraeten go to Belgium in 2001 after leading a study on vaccination datalink study on thimerosal, be told not to answer any contacts from people in America about vaccinations, and to escape subpeonas (p. 341)? I appreciate Congressmen Dan Burton (R-IN) and Dave Weldon (R-FL) for listening to these families, holding hearings (I have called their offices to thank them), and talking the CDC and IOM into getting the public answers to autism and thimerosal.

January 15, 2014

This book is wrong, and it's dangerous.
This book is dangerously wrong: the science shows clearly that thimerosal in vaccines does not, and never has, caused autism. There have been literally thousands of studies into the possibility that autism might be caused by vaccines - and the studies show conclusively that there is no relationship whatsoever. NONE! Vaccines do not cause autism, full stop.

Anyone who buys this book and believes Kirby's message is being misled, and is risking their children's health and safety.

August 22, 2005

Not A Medical Controversy, A Harmed Life of U.S. Citizens.
This is another government project gone bad. To harm an innocent child in this debilitating way (forcing dangerous chemicals in his little body and all he can do is cry, then lose his ability to talk, act like other kids, and will always be looked down on as 'backward') calls for a lot of compensation from the harming department, as the human being who was innoculated with the tainted serum has been basically turned into a mute.

I see the grown up autistic 'workers' on the bus every day and I talk to them as if they were normal, and yet I can not understand half they want to tell me. My grandson, Eric Mather, is one of the victims of this mercury poisoning which affected his brainwave connections, and he will be maimed for the rest of his life. He will never be normal, and he is such a lovely child. On the phone, I heard his first words to me, "Thank you for the toys." When I said, "Oh, you CAN talk. I would love to see you." He used his brain when he said "I would like to see you today." That's thinking for himself, the loveable bright-eyed son of Jeff. The Jewish grown up with the mind of a child and such bright dark brown eyes who rides the bus has a more severe case of autisism, and mostly I don't understand him but try to respond anyway. He gets frustrated trying to get out all of the words he wants to say. I don't want Eric to grow up and be in that condition.

No preservatives should ever be injected into a human being. We all know that they are not safe in foods; who'd willingly have them put straight into the bloodstream knowing the danger they pass on, creating a disabled person for the rest of his or her life. Those I talk with on the buses can't relate to others and their feelings. One woman of forty with the mind of a child told me that her dad died. To her, it was just a fact, nothing to be emotional about. When I told her than my oldest grandson had died in a car accident, it made no difference to her as she could not relate.

I hope that David Kirby will follow through on his research and become an activist for the disabled who can't speak for themselves and for the financial advantages they have lost because of this faulty vaccine. They will never be able to work at high paying jobs or be educated as fully as they would have had this not happened to them. He can do more than any parent as he has access to the press, and he is someone the government will listen to. Now that he has started this project, he owes it to the parents of these children maimed in such a way by the inefficiency of our own government to use his power to report what is going on, in all of its illegal and inhumane ways.

July 7, 2012

Putting Profit Before Patients: Man's Inhumanity Against Mankind
Evidence of Harm is a factual, critical, meticulous and extremely thorough investigation of the machinations, greed, collusion, inhumane acts, corruption, cover ups, hidden agendas, obfuscation of facts, fear mongering, deceit, with holding of information regarding the harmful and toxic undesired effects of vaccinations and the questionable efficacy and safety of vaccinations by the FDA and the CDC.

Their pecuniary/vested and conflict of interests in their relationships with BigPharma is puerile, insidious and clearly a matter of putting `Profit Before Patients.' The torture of orthodox allopathic medicine that the FDA and CDC has inflicted upon the world population is reprehensible and unjustified when there are more humane alternative allopathic cancer treatments that provide a pain free, quality and dignity of a normal life throughout the treatment protocol. What if some of the $47 trillion spent on the `War on Cancer' to date had been spent on prevention and the alternative allopathic treatment protocols?

It is obvious that their hearts are not in it for the public interest and well being. It is painfully obvious that the FDA and CDC are places filled with egos of titanic proportions. Their primary focus is on their careers, working towards their fame, glory, fortune and recognition. What of the `Revolving Door Syndrome' where officers of the FDA and CDC can resign from the respective agencies one day, go to work for BigPharma the following day and subsequently lobby for the Fast Tracking and Grandfather clause approval of new drugs. And no one bats an eyelid! How insidious is this!

What if it was they who were put through the same persecution and purgatory with which they have hunted down Dr Stanislaw Burzynski? What if they were exposed to the same terrifying and horrific process with which they have treated Dr Stanislaw Burzynski's patients and those seeking out his treatment? Regrettably and sadly they have clearly demonstrated that they do not have an empathic, humane and compassionate bone in their respective bodies

The FDA and CDC are in breach and contravention of the Nuremberg Code, Article 19 `The Right to Know' and the Commission on the Rights of the Child. Given their actions in the matters of Alan Yurko and Gabrielle Swank the FDA and CDC have been complicit in a travesty of Natural and Social Justice and cruelty to humanity and should face the Judicial consequences of their actions.

February 20, 2015

Do not waste your money.
The author's thesis that thimerosal in vaccines caused autism has now been discredited by an overwhelming body of evidence from many studies. In addition, thimerosal has been removed from all vaccines except influenza vaccine in multidose vials. You can get flu vaccine without the preservative in a single dose vial.

Thimerosal is totally irrelevant to current vaccines.

February 11, 2015

Garbage book on medical science written by a journalist with no medical training whatsoever
This book is composed of pure bull crap with no actual proven scientific evidence to even remotely link autism to vaccinations. In fact, the main premise that thimerosal was probably causing autism has already been proven wrong already. Thimerosal was removed from all children's' vaccines in early 2002, yet the rate of autism has continued to increase to this. While this alone does not prove whether or not vaccines are totally safe, it does show that the focus of this particular junk science book has already been disproven. Please let us remember what David Kirby field of expertise is in...Journalism. He in no way, shape, or forum, has any credible background in ANY medical field. I am not sure why you would trust your kids life in the hands of a sensationalist journalist instead of an actual doctor. Do all of our kids favors and get them vaccinated. The recent measles outbreak Even Jenny McCarthy won't directly say that vaccines cause autism, and she was poster child for this bulls*** movement that is risking the lives of children on mere speculation.

November 26, 2012

Eye Opening
A definite possibility to the autism epidemic that is taking over the USA. If you are going to have a baby you should read this and then decide if you want to vaccinate the way they currently have the schedule, which I truly believe needs to be changed.

July 3, 2005

If epidemic of autism falls markedly, mercury was Evil
"Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines & the Autism Epidemic...".

David Kirby, NY, St. Martin's Press, 2005 ISBN 0-312-32644-0, HC 418 pg. plus 19 pg. Ref/Notes & 18 pg., Index, 9 1/2" x 6 1/4"

This is a lengthy treatise, largely formatted in a chronological narrative as studied by investigative reporter David Kirby, a Sci. & Health contrib. to The New York Times. Most of the data are retold accountings from parents of autistic children, but also gleaned from scientific forums, meetings, physicians, lawyers, newspaper accounts, politicians & the Internet.

The Prologue sets the theme: an alleged collusion & cover-up recounting the Nov. 19, 2002 stealth rider attached to the Homeland Security Act bill which shielded drug companies from pending or future litigation in adverse reaction lawsuits, of particular ELI LILLY. The later drug company already had hundreds of civil suits filed by parents for allegedly allowing toxic levels of mercury in vaccines. Various groups representing autistic children alleged high levels of mercury, in particular organic ethyl mercury (Thiomerosal), were permitted in childhood vaccines & administered with full knowledge by the drug companies & with approval by the FDA & CDC. The groups alleged conspiracy & cover-up by FDA, CDC, White House, medical journals, medical associations & various scientific forums addressing questions of vaccine safety & of their failures to address the increased incidence/prevalence of autism or devise methods of treatment.

The reader is given a gamut of diagnostic descriptions for Sx of mercurism, autism, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), pervasive developmental disorders (PPD), Asperger's syndrome (Idiot Savant), ADD & ADHD & informed of the statistical increase of ASD from 1 in every 10,000 births in the 1980's to 1 in 166 (today). Of note, boys are affected 4 times more than girls. The book recounts various theories for autism - lists some biochemical markers & effects of sex hormones & heavy metals (including mercury) in phenotypic expressivity - & discusses various treatments now available. Kirby tells us the issue of mercurial causation of autism remains unproven, that mercurials have been largely removed from vaccines & that research continues. If mercurism was causative, then autism will decline in the U.S.

This book is an important one for families having an afflicted youngster - it should be read. Importantly, early diagnosis & intervention are critical to lessening impairments in those with ASD & related disorders. The book is not specially technical but chronological formatting & repetitions made reading wearisome.

August 5, 2005

EVIDENCE OF HARM- parents heads up
I have only read a little bit of the book thus far with mixed emotions. The information is well worth looking into. It is very interesting to see families who have gone through similar events such as I have with my son. The people in this book are truly amazing and hero's from my point of view. I applaud all their time and effort into what they're out to accomplish and more importantly, this book definitely raises concern and awareness- which is something people should be informed upon. Although it saddens me that there are still professionals out there who remain skeptical about whether or not mercury/thermerisol causes 'symptoms' of autism, i wish they would keep an open mind. The comparison of mercury poisoning and autism are remarkable.

I have to thank and bow down to all the parents/doctors and other professionals along with David Kirby, of course,who took part in making this book and doing all the research.

This book will really make you see things in a different light. Thank you Mr. Kirby for bringing this to our attention.

-Lisa in Massachusetts

Oct 20, 2013

Don't torture yourself, this is some truly terrible journalism.

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