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Everything You Need to Know about Parkinson's - All in One

Written in plain, easy-to-understand language, this
book teaches you everything you need to know to about Parkinson's
Disease, without you guessing or searching endlessly for answers to your
biggest questions. This book is the result of 25 years experience and
research in living a life with Parkinson's Disease. It's chock-full of
vital facts, helpful hints and critical information... all in one easy
to read book.

Here's some of what you're going to

  • Discover exactly what is Parkinson's Disease. What
    causes it? How fast does it progress?
  • How to get correctly
    diagnosed in determining whether it's really Parkinson's disease.

  • Is Parkinson's hereditary? Discover what the latest research shows
    about whether you should be concerned if your parent or close family
    ancestry had Parkinson's.
  • 22 of the most common symptoms of
    Parkinson's Disease. Learn these symptoms so you won't be fooled by
    other 'look alikes'.
  • What the latest research shows about the
    most effective ways to slow the progression of Parkinson's.

  • The 5 Stages of Parkinson's and how to identify which stage you're
    at now.
  • How Parkinson's can affect your life expectancy and
    whether people die from the disease. It's a lot less scary than you
  • Why attending a Parkinson's support group meeting may
    NOT be the best move for someone who has just been diagnosed with the

This book isn't just for the newly diagnosed.
Inside you'll learn:

  • What you should know about
    Essential Tremor and how it's different from Parkinson's Disease.

  • The role that age plays in getting Parkinson's and what you should
    know about Early Onset Parkinson's.
  • Why anxiety and depression
    are common in Parkinson's patients and how to best alleviate these
    negative emotions.
  • The relationship between Parkinson's and
    Alzheimer's Disease.
  • The real cause of depression in
    Parkinson's patients whether it's caused by the disease or the side
    effects of the common medications.
  • What you should know about
    stress and how this can negatively impact you. Learn 5 simple techniques
    you can use to alleviate stress and reduce these effects.
  • What
    you should know about the common medications prescribed for Parkinson's
    patients and the common side effects and long-term effects of the
  • Drugs you should avoid while on Parkinson's medication
    and those you should definitely tell your pharmacist about if you're
    using them.
  • 12 Ways to reduce nausea, a common side effect of
    many Parkinson's Disease drugs.

You'll find these tips

  • 8 Techniques you can use in order to prevent
    "freezing". You'll learn a neat little trick discovered by accident that
    works very effectively.
  • Learn how to know if you are getting
    the most out of your medicine. (How much "off" time is reasonable?)

  • Common things you should avoid to help reduce your tremors.

  • 11 Speech Therapy techniques you can use to improve your speech
  • 18 Tips for making chewing and swallowing of food much
    easier (these will come in very handy!)
  • 15 Tips for helping
    you to get a better night's sleep.
  • 7 Main alternative
    treatments for Parkinson's Disease you should know exist.
  • What
    you should know about the foods you should eat more of and those you
    should avoid like the plague.
  • What you should know about
    getting financial help from your government and other agencies.

  • Helpful gadgets for people with Parkinson's.
  • And much

Scroll up and get your and get your copy

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Reviews for Everything You Need To Know About Parkinson's Disease:


Apr 05, 2019

Well worth reading

Being new to Parkisons, it is good to find a book with common sense and practical ideas to help the sufferer and caregivers. It will be a good handbook for the future.

Jan 03, 2019

Very disappointed

I was thinking that this book was going to answer all of my questions about PD, but it left just as many questions as answers. However, the one thing that shines through is that Ms Marie loves her mother very very much.

Dec 19, 2016

Excellent resource

This is a great starting point to begin researching Parkinson and it's many different forms. Thank you so much as we begin our journey.

Aug 05, 2017

Excellent Read

Lots of good in for information. Very helpful and great advice for newly diagnosed PD patient. I highly recommend this book.

Dec 25, 2018

I Can Understand This Book!

Finally a book about Parkinson’s that I can understand, a book that gives me as a caregiver so much useful information and my husband with PD a more optimistic view as he progresses thru this disease. Even if you are just curious about the disease, perhaps know someone that has just been diagnosed or wonder if there is something you might just be missing in your maintenance program, this book is excellent, easy reading, organized and informative.

Dec 26, 2019

Useful but lightweight

This book is easy to read and includes some useful information. However, it also touts some unproven or inadequately tested approaches, and is badly in need of editing for punctuation and style.

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