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Every now and then, a simple yet radical idea shakes the very
foundations of knowledge. The startling discovery that the world was not
flat challenged and ultimately changed the way people perceived
themselves and their relationships with the world. For most humans of
the 15th century, the notion of Earth as ball of rock was nonsense.

The whole of Western natural philosophy is undergoing a sea change
again, forced upon us by the experimental findings of quantum theory. At
the same time, these findings have increased our doubt and uncertainty
about traditional physical explanations of the universe's genesis and

Biocentrism completes this shift in worldview, turning the planet
upside down again with the revolutionary view that life creates the
universe instead of the other way around. In this new paradigm, life is
not just an accidental byproduct of the laws of physics. Biocentrism
takes the listener on a seemingly improbable but ultimately inescapable
journey through a foreign universe - our own - from the viewpoints of an
acclaimed biologist and a leading astronomer. Switching perspective
from physics to biology unlocks the cages in which Western science has
unwittingly managed to confine itself.

Biocentrism shatters the listener's ideas of life, time and
space, and even death. At the same time, it releases us from the dull
worldview that life is merely the activity of an admixture of carbon and
a few other elements; it suggests the exhilarating possibility that
life is fundamentally immortal. Biocentrism awakens a new sense
of possibility and is full of so many shocking new perspectives that the
listener will never see reality the same way again.

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