Arab Spring, Christian Winter: Islam Unleashed on the Church and the World Info

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Arab Spring, Christian Winter will help you tie newspaper
headlines to your scriptural knowledge of the Last Days. Ralph Stice
draws a clear link between the Arab Spring and the rise of a worldwide
power that appears to be ushering in the coming Antichrist.

/>This book will also show you what you need to watch for in
tomorrow’s news and guide you on how to fortify your faith for
stormy days ahead. The Western Church has much to learn from Christian
brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Familiar Scripture passages are
unfolding with new clarity to believers everywhere.

•Why the Arab Spring had to happen to
fulfill scriptural prophecy
•How the Arab Spring led to the
unleashing of pure Islam
•Which nation could be the crucial
link between East and West and produce an Antichrist figure
/>•The responses of Middle Eastern Christians to intense
persecution and what we Western believers can learn from them

/>Fear not! He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). We
will discover Jesus in a fresh way when we face true persecution. How
will your faith withstand the great distress, unequaled from the
beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled
(Matthew 24:21)? Brothers and sisters in Christ are facing
this reality every day, right now.


/>“If you want to better understand how today’s headlines
might be fulfilling biblical prophecy, then read this book... This book
will help ensure that your faith is built on Christ alone and the
assurance of spending eternity with Him, not the sometimes-scary flow of
history. You will also get a complete education on Islam and its
possible role in the End Times.”
Joel Richardson
/>New York Times bestselling author and internationally
recognized teacher
What a book! I have heard Ralph lecture on
the teachings and practice of Islam with great interest and intrigue.
Personally, I consider Ralph Stice to be one of the most trustworthy and
exceptionally well-qualified commentators on this subject. Having read
his book I can assure you it is one of the most riveting and informative
readings you will find on the subject of Islam. For me it is a
must-read for every Christian who is searching for answers and
information on the present rise and expansion of this
sometimes-dangerous religion.
Dr. Allan Bosson
Pastor of Southside Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia


About the Author

Ralph Stice has lived in Islamic
communities on three continents over 11 years’ time as a witness
for Christ. During that time, he has interacted with a wide variety of
Muslims at many levels of society. He also has read widely on the
subject of Islam and has spoken in nearly 100 churches about the
world’s second-largest religion. He has recently founded RWS
Ministries, a non-profit organization determined to inform Christians
about Islam and inform Muslims about Jesus’s true identity and
lordship. He blogs frequently on developments in the Islamic world and
is a keen observer of political and spiritual developments in the Middle

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