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When it was first published in 1982, The American Medical
Association Family Medical Guide
set a new standard for depth,
authority, and accessibility. The completely updated and expanded third
edition of this landmark guide brings this bestselling medical home
reference into the nineties. It is simply the most useful, comprehensive
home health reference ever published, brought to you by the nation's
most respected medical authority.
This lavishly illustrated
volume, prepared by a a team of over forty distinguished medical
authorities under the direction of the American Medical Association,
incorporates the most significant trend in health care: wellness and
preventive medicine. It covers the sweeping revolution in technology and
puts more emphasis on the reader as a health-care consumer. It also
updates the information on the most prominent health issues of the
nineties, including Alzheimer's disease, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome,
stress, death and dying, drug abuse, and more.
The book is
divided into four sections for easy reference. Part I, "Your
Healthy body," contains specific tips you can use for preventive
self-care and encourages you to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, with
advice on diet, exercise, losing weight, reducing stress, and stopping
smoking. A full-color atlas of the human body shows you the location and
name of almost every organ, nerve, bone, and muscle.
Part II,
"Symptoms and Self-Diagnosis," provides the clearest, most
reliable aid for recognizing medical problems ever published for the
layperson. Over 165 pages of unique diagnostic symptom charts with clear
questions and yes/no answers will help you track down what a particular
symptom may signify and advise you whether it is something you may
safely treat yourself, a condition requiring a doctor's visit, or an
emergency requiring immediate medical attention.
voted the book's most popular feature by readers' polls, these charts
alone can save you time and money by sparing you needless visits to the
doctor. Full-color photographs, used in conjunction with the charts,
will help you identify various conditions and decide when to seek
medical advice. An all-new diagnostic imaging section introduces
full-color images of ultrasound, Doppler, MRI, CT scans, and other
technologies that are becoming commonplace in doctors' offices and
Part III, "Diseases, Disorders, and Other
Problems," provides detailed, accessible, expertly illustrated
articles on more than 650 medical problems. Separate sections address
the special problems of men, women, couples, infants and children,
adolescents, and older people, including a comprehensive section on
pregnancy and childbirth.
Part IV of the guide, "Caring for
the Sick," covers all the basics of professional medical care, home
nursing, and caregiving. You'll learn how to choose a personal
physician, how to get the most out of your hospital's services, what
your rights as a patient are, and how to cope with a sick child or older
person or someone with a terminal illness. You'll also find a glossary
of over 300 medical terms and a color-coded section on first aid that
includes the most up-to-date CPR positions and other lifesaving
The American Medical Association is committed to the
principle that, as patients and health consumers, we need to do all we
can to work more effectively with our physicians and health care teams.
This third edition of the Family Medical Guide -- easy to
understand, superbly designed, beautifully illustrated, and brimming
with up-to-date information -- will help you and your family stay
healthy and help you create an effective partnership with your doctor
when you need it. It belongs on every family's reference shelf.

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Reviews for American Medical Association Family Medical Guide (The American Medical Association home health library):


Nov 11, 2019

y'all this book has not aged well

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Mar 24, 2008

This book has averted some crises and saved some lives, let me assure you.

May 27, 2017

Has a helpful guide on how to treat certain conditions and a thorough detailing of everything from A to Z. Also, has a section full of enough actual documented pictures to make you want to lock yourself in a box and hide. Very helpful information.

Jan 14, 2019

Use as an ongoing reference. We had the earlier addition and found it very, very helpful. This is much more current and immensely useful.

May 06, 2011

The family calls it the "You're Gonna Die" book because darn near everything urges you to "seek medical attention now". I suspect it was not written by doctors, but by doctors' lawyers. Save time. Look up the symptoms on the internet.

May 11, 2011

Mount Laurel Library

Excellent general purpose home medical reference. Well illustrated. Specific details. Mostly common complaints.

Probably not as valuable now that internet research is available.

Feb 02, 2017

It's mostly a guide for a healthy lifestyle but there is also description of many medical issues and ways of treatment. No book can replace a doctor, though.

Sep 22, 2013

As with many of the health and medical books I own, I have reads parts of them according to information I needed at that time. I am marking them as "Read" and they are all 5 stars!

Mar 20, 2007

If you ever need to know what the symptoms for gastroenteritis are...come to me.

I also know how to deliver a baby...get a bug out of your to treat frost bite.

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