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With this New York Times Best-Seller,
unleash the artist within through over 60 animal coloring
. Lions, tigers, dogs, cats, birds, fish, and more; there is
something for everyone here. Hours of stress relief, fun and creative
expression are a few colored pencil strokes away.

  • Over 2,000 reviews!
  • Over 30
    amazing animals to color
  • Single sided, so no bleed
  • Heavyweight, artist-grade paper

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Reviews for Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs:


April 26, 2015

This is a wonderful coloring book with artistic drawings of animals that will delight any animal lover. I just received this book yesterday and have finished coloring the turtle. I used gel pens for this picture but some of the drawings will have to be colored with pencils as some of the pictures have tiny, tiny areas. I am very happy with this book and would recommend it to anyone that isn't afraid of a challenge.
PS: The grey areas on the turtle are actually silver and look much better than the picture does it justice.I also use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner gel pens. They are very fine-tipped and can reach those tiny areas. Shout-out to the publishers for sending a new copy of this book for free. That one included the lion drawing. I loved this book before now I have one more reason to love it even more.

June 8, 2015

It's OK, some designs are nice others not so much
UPDATE 6/11/15: I received my replacement book and it looks like the old book was very much misprinted. As you can see in my pics the designs on the left (misprint book) the lines are much darker and smaller, the animals are printed the wrong way, etc. I think this is what was causing my frustration with the book. There's also designs in the replacement that I didn't have in the old one, and the designs I did not like in the misprint are not in the new book. Updating my review to 5 stars.

I work behind a computer all day and have a 2 year old so I wanted something to do when the day is over to help me unwind (that doesn't involve looking at a screen). I thought coloring would be a good outlet.

This animal coloring book is filled with very unique designs, and is made well. The pages are one sided so you can use markers if you want. Some of the designs are really cool, however, I do not love this book as much as I thought I would.

Some of the pictures have such small lines that it's hard to color them with colored pencils unless you plan on keeping the tips of your pencils extremely sharp and even sometimes that doesn't matter. Some pictures have way too many black lines which makes it impossible to color. This is what I do not find relaxing about this book.

Note: The copy I received was missing the lion page like on the front cover but my understanding was this was due to a misprint and the seller is happy to replace if you email them. I have requested a replacement because I wanted the lion picture.

So over all, I'll give this book 3 stars.

May 14, 2015

Lots of cool pictures to color
Lots of cool pictures to color, each page has a blank back which is great so that your markers do not bleed through onto another picture. Has a mixture of extremely detailed pictures and slightly less detailed ones which is a nice variety to have.

December 27, 2015

I really want to like this book. It has some really good designs. Some are better than others, however. It's inconsistent in style and approproiate levels of detail. That lion is only partially done because I've grown annoyed with how tedious these designs can be. The geometry and intricacy is created with purposeless lines. I like the horse because the design had flow. It felt like a ribbon was wandering, and to figure out what to color where, just follow the design. The elephant was a little random but I still liked the Indian influence. I want to like my lion. But right now, I don't feel inspired to finish him, and I don't know what design I will do next because I don't know if I feel like putting that much thought into it. By forcing intricacy, it takes away some of the creativity and freedom and doing your own thing. I think I'll switch to another book for a while and see how I feel.

August 22, 2015

Pleasing options, leads you to make something amazing, thick paper
This book is FANTASTIC! I generally buy adult coloring books and only get excited about a few patterns; this was the reverse - there were only a few patterns I wasn't terribly excited about. I really liked the red and orange color scheme that Jackie used on the kitty she worked on, so I tried my version with 5 complimentary colors in that same palate, and have uploaded it here. As you can see, you really can't go wrong! The beautifully-lined drawings meander you through your animal with a chosen color so, by the time you have changed colors a number of times only using care to ensure that no two of the same colors are touching, you automatically have a gorgeous mosaic without much effort. Some of the lines did get me a little squinty-eyed, but that's aging for you, and that's what bright lights and glasses are for. I used bold colors with triplus fineliner pens which WILL bleed through most papers, but this paper was thick enough that I could aggressively apply color and have it saturate through the page a little yet NOT so much that it affected the next drawing (I'm also uploading a second picture to demonstrate that). I can't speak more highly of this product. "Their drawin' makes my colorin' look GOOD!' ;)

July 2, 2015

wonderful. absolutely wonderful!
Absolutely beautiful. I had a horrible day and i feel so much better. And the pages are a good thickness so its ok to use markers. Very happy with this book.

July 31, 2015

It looks like I was sent one of the bad printings. Over all the coloring book is ok but there are quite a few misprinted pages. Hopefully can get a new one sent out to me but would rather not deal with having to send this one back. I would think that since this have been an on going issues judging from other reviews that the printer would have fixed them all by now.

June 24, 2015

Too intricate to be relaxing
I tried bic mark-it ultra-fine pens and they bled past the lines. Had to lightly dot (no pressure on pen) about 1/16" away from lines and fill in that way. Even then some of the lines were too tiny and color bled out. Pencils don't have the color saturation I want. Didn't have the "bleeding" problem with a different book from Hobby Lobby, so maybe the quality of the paper is the problem. Not relaxing when you need to have such exacting control, especially with arthritis. If the pictures were bigger (some have a couple inches or more margin space) that would help. Also, a craft weight paper with perforated page for removal would greatly improve the product. Despite the great designs, I would not purchase again if I had known it would be so stressful to try to color when there are other publications with good designs on better quality paper that are more user friendly.

November 1, 2015

Stress relief and relaxation!
These books are amazing! I had no idea such coloring books existed until a friend of mine started working with them, so out of curiosity, I got myself a couple of coloring books, a brand new fresh set of colored pencils AND a set of fine-tipped colored pens (neither are to be used by my 5-year old ;-) ). Once my books arrived, I couldn't wait to get started, I picked out a pattern that "spoke" to me, I turned off all TVs, computers and cell phones and immersed myself in my motif.
I'm sure everyone has a different experience with these books, it probably depends on what mood you are in, what kind of week you are having, what your ups and downs are at the moment .... despite all that, I find myself drifting into random thoughts and day dreams as I color and it is very refreshing and, as promised on the front of these books, stress relieving.

I do recommend placing a piece of cardboard or thick paper behind the pages you are coloring if you color with pens, otherwise they will bleed over to the back page. I have found that I enjoy pens/sharpies the most, so I always have a cardboard in my books.

So yes, I am loving this activity of losing myself in patterns and colors and thoughts and I definitely do recommend it for anyone who feel the need to "zone out" once in awhile (and don't we all?:) ).
My 5-year old will join me once in awhile, I make sure she brings her own coloring book and her own crayons and it's nice coloring together as well.
I've even invited adult friends over for "coloring" nights and that has also been a great experience.

Anyway. Love the books, I will definitely get more.

March 20, 2017

My Best Color Book To Date
I love this book!!!! I am new to the coloring world and I like the fact that I can pick pages that don't seem complicated. (I seem to make them complicated.) But that's OK! I have followed the advice of the team and just enjoy what I am doing. I am almost done with the frontal view of the ram's head. When finished, probably tonight, I am going to start the tiger which will be my most ambitious project so far. The perforated pages are a plus since my granddaughter fell in love with one of my pictures and asked if she could have it. It really gave me a boost of confidence knowing that I can pick the colors that I want to use and be happy with the creativity and the pure stress relieving time to decompress my day.

Nov 22, 2015

Adult coloring books are a wonderful way to escape from various aspects of our turbulent daily lives that cause us lot of stress.

This book “Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs” is amazing particularly due to the details included within each image. Especially I like the fact these are not just repetitive patterns as some coloring books are.

Overall, I enjoy the designs and for the price it is a great buy. I would recommend this both to novice or experienced colorists. Good for Adult coloring books are a wonderful way to escape from various aspects of our turbulent daily lives that cause us lot of stress.

This book “Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs” is amazing particularly due to the details included within each image. Especially I like the fact these are not just repetitive patterns as some coloring books are.

Overall, I enjoy the designs and for the price it is a great buy. I would recommend this both to novice or experienced colorists. Good for practice and for stress relief.

So coloring is not just for kids anymore! ...more

October 14, 2018

Not thick quality paper
Didn’t like the quality of the paper so I don’t like using it.

May 8, 2017


April 10, 2017

Paper too thin

January 19, 2017

Could be better.
Most of the pictures that are shown here are not in the book I received. I originally purchased this book for the wolf image shown in the pictures and some of the others but when I received my book those pictures are not in there.

August 21, 2016

The lines are too close together. Unless you have ...
The lines are too close together. Unless you have very very sharp colored pencils, this can be frustrating. Not relaxing at all.

August 9, 2016

I bought this along with some fine liner pens
I bought this along with some fine liner pens. After coloring a couple of the pages I would not recommend using pens as they bleed through to the next page. I love coloring but this book is not very relaxing. In many of the pictures he spaces are very small and require a lot of focus, in others there isn't really much differentiation in the pictures. The book does not open flat so it makes it difficult to color without removing the page first. The pages are not perforated so it requires cutting them out, or tearing and hoping for the best. I am going to return to what I like more, which is the larger books that have entire scenes that fill the page rather than just one overly detailed image.

July 10, 2016

Cheap Paper and Designs TOO intricate
My friend had this book and I loved the elephant she was coloring, so I bought it. The paper is thin and cheap and when I use my extra fine markers that I always use for all my other coloring books, it runs outside the lines because of the poor quality of paper. The designs are so intricate, it's impossible to stay inside the lines with the markers because of the cheap paper. I wanted to love this book, but I never color in it because of those factors.

June 20, 2016

Poor Variety
22.5 % of the designs (9 out of 40 pages) were horses/horse heads, or sheep/ram figures. You would think someone with such talent could have come up with 40 different animals. At $7.95, an overall good value, it likely won't be worth sending back and ordering something different, so will simply order something different and find an adult horse lover to give this one to as a gift. I'll try the exotic animals next.

June 12, 2018

Would only recommend to those that are patient to color in a ...
A lot of coloring pages and patterns to keep you entertained! Would only recommend to those that are patient to color in a lot of shapes or those who want to start a page and finish it in 2-3 days.

February 19, 2018

Poor paper quality, good graphics
I love the animal pictures, they are fun to color and turn out great. The low mark is because the paper quality is not sufficient to stop bleeding of colored markers. The paper is also a bit on the rough side so it has a tendency to tear up the markers. I suggest putting a piece of light cardboard under the page and using a light tough with the marker. Also leave the book open for a while after the picture is done to allow the page to dry completely.

February 18, 2018

Drawings shown are not all in the book
Why aren’t all the books consistent with the drawings? There were several drawings I really liked in those downloaded by customers and stupidly thought they would be in the book, but nope, and that really irritates me. This is the secon book I’ve received that is the same way - what drawings are shown online isn’t necessarily what I actually got. But the drawings I have in this book are beautiful.

February 9, 2018

A bit disapointed.
I loved the designs but was disappointed by the quality of the paper. My pencils do not run smoothly on them and the final result is not as good as I wanted.

January 8, 2018

it's o. k., the print is a ...
it's o.k., the print is a little small for me, lots of tiny details

November 7, 2017

Somewhat disappointed in the quality of the paper
Somewhat disappointed in the quality of the paper; it feels very thin and cheap. I cannot complain too much for the price point, but I saw the exact same book at a craft store, and the paper was much thicker and more smooth. The designs, on the other hand, are beautiful.

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