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Who’s up for some abstract painting? Maybe not on canvass but on
sheets of pages. Coloring releases your inner artist. It is one of the
few activities out there that let you decide on your own and come up
with beautiful works of art every time. The power of coloring lies in
its many possible combinations. Are you ready to see what you can do
with a coloring tool?

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August 6, 2016

A New Way to Color!
KINDLE EBOOK -- Abstract Coloring Designs: An Advanced Coloring Book For Adults
This evoke is free to download, but there is a paperback version of it. The book has no "author" per se, but under the title is written Coloring Therapists. There is a link to their website, and from there, you can print out many beautiful designs to color. There are several collections to download and print. I have already downloaded on of them, and printed several of the designs. I plan to color them with colored pencils! Coloring is a very relaxing activity and these pictures are very challenging for an adult to color. I received this book free and this is my fair and honest opinion. This book also explains the benefits of coloring, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, helping those with dementia stay grounded, etc. I have trouble sleeping at night, and I learned from the book that a person who spends time coloring before bedtime will usually fall asleep faster than someone who didn't color. Since they are downloadable it will be easy to pick which pictures you like best and only print those. The designs are in the ebook, but the designs are very small, and don't transfer well to the printer. Coloring is currently very popular and this ebook is a nice source of low cost designs that are beautiful, intricate, and easy to print from your Kindle app. Below are a couple of the pictures, obtained from one of the downloads from the color therapist website.

August 18, 2016

No why. Why can I not color the images? Because it's just images of coloring pages! Also I read other reviews and apparently you can't even print them without having to go through weird links or something. I basically tried this one out and got rid of it as soon as I knew I couldn't color it. THIS SHOULDN'T BE AN EBOOK. I NEED PHYSICAL PAGES IN A BOOK. WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME

September 2, 2016

One of the best adult coloring books I've seen yet!!!
Okay. I am totally into this coloring book craze. I mean, how can I not be? There are some amazing books out there with amazing graphics and gorgeous pictures that begs for color that I am moreally than willing to provide.

This one, though. Abstract designs. THIS one makes me ache to fill it with color. To take my colored pencils and outline, color, blend and smooth until I fill every inch of the book with amazing, living, vivid colors.

To make a book where there are truly no rules (because let's be honest-my OCD kicks in a bit with animals and such and I want color, yes, but I feel a need for semi-realistic color for at least the main animal parts), makes me happy. Yes, there are still patterns, as these are still considered "mandalas," but your colors are completely up to you. It reminds me of quilting with scraps and crocheting afghans with bits and bobs. Just colors. Random, amazing colors.

So this is definitely one of my favorite adult coloring books. For all the reasons listed above. I'm posting photos of a couple of my favorite pages from the book. Just to make you drool. Although I'm certain favorites will differ from person to person.

Now. Why a coloring book on Kindle? You can't color on Kindle. Yet. (Hey. Amazon. Make that a feature, and I will be the first in line to buy!) It's a great way to preview the book before spending the money for a hard copy. Plus, you can print out sample pages, though those can be a little bit random and the quality is not always the greatest. I think of it as a teaser.

Now I did receive a free Kindle copy of this coloring book in exchange for my honest review. Keep in mind, I get no compensation for my review. If I think a product is worth one star or five, nothing changes for me. So my review cannot be swayed. This is a five star. Heck, I'd give it six if it would let me!!! Just look at the yummy sample pictures!!!

September 27, 2016

I was under the impression this was a coloring book but that isn't quite so.
I was under the impression this was a coloring book but that isn't quite so. It's a preview of images that could be in the actual coloring book. You receive a digital kindle version that contains 13 pages of into/ads/index and then 14 pages of images. There is the option to download the images which you can then print out and color.

The "Look Inside" preview before you buy feature is useless. It does not show any actual images from the book. I fail to understand the point of even including that feature with this item's information since it provides no insight into the actual "coloring book". It will not show you what you are buying.

The images are more intricate than some others I've seen and fill a large part of the page, which I like. Some of the designs look to be too intricate and detailed to be able to color in though. It's definitely for adults. I wouldn't recommend this one for children. Overall, it's an okay "preview" of a "coloring book". I'd still probably recommend just finding some free coloring pages online that you can print out. Seems like an easier and cheaper option to be honest.

The opinions represented are always my own. I’m a real live person currently sitting on my couch typing this out. I do not leave a good review if I don't feel the product deserves it. A five star review was not promised or guaranteed prior to purchasing.

What the stars in my review mean:

5 stars - I absolutely adore the product and would buy it over and over again!
4 stars - Product is good, has some minor issues, but I might buy it again if need be.
3 stars - Product has issues but still works. Would not purchase it again.
2 stars - Product has major problems and does not work as promised.
1 star - I would not buy this product and/or recommend it to friends and family

September 25, 2016

Not much to this book at all.
Very little to this book. Just a handful of pics. Definitely needs more substance like more pics or maybe more information.

September 22, 2016

Coloring for adults
It's a very short 15 page but really nice coloring pages I printed some out to color they are addictive.

September 11, 2016

I like how it got into all the therapeutic aspects of ...
This book was okay. I like how it got into all the therapeutic aspects of adult coloring. My main problem is that (although I love reading) it did get a little boring. On the plus side you do get free print outs to color.

September 17, 2017

Four Stars
Its ok not my favorite

December 30, 2016

really happy with this purchase
Great book.

September 29, 2016

Product not easy to get to a point that we can download ...
Product not easy to get to a point that we can download in a way that I can actually print it to color it. Hopefully I can figure out some easier way to download and print what's actually in the coloring book.

September 28, 2016

Four Stars
These are gorgeous designs, I just wish there were more!

September 20, 2016

Very relaxing
I purchased the kindle form of this book. Like the description says the kindle edition is not to color from the device but it gives you a link where you can print some of the pages for free. The pages are pretty and fun to color. I'm sure the actual book is fantastic to color from but if you are just wanting to print some of them this is a nice edition.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

September 16, 2016

Four Stars
very pretty pictures to collar

September 15, 2016

I enjoyed the coloring book
I received this item either free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest unbiased review. I enjoyed the coloring book.

September 14, 2016

Four Stars
Pretty neat book! Liked the abstract in it

September 12, 2016

4/5 stars
This Ebook for kindle gives you approx 15 abstract drawings that are quite fun to doodle with on your free time. I gave this 4/5 stars being that I received this free/discount for my product review.

September 12, 2016

Four Stars
Keeping me busy

July 23, 2018

Nice images.
Nice images and good paper.

May 10, 2018

Cool coloring book!
Cool coloring book!

January 4, 2018

Five Stars
love it~

October 31, 2017

Great relaxation colorbook
Finely detailed prints, good for adult relaxation.

October 11, 2017

Five Stars
enjoy coloring this book

August 15, 2017

Five Stars

June 17, 2017

Five Stars
My wife liked it

June 14, 2017

Five Stars
beautiful book!

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