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When potters throw clay onto a stone, they make a
connection across centuries to ancient workshops. The techniques and
traditions of these early craftsmen, especially those of China’s Sung
dynasty, still inform many of the pottery practices in use today, thanks
to the seminal work of Bernard Leach.

Leach’s A Potter’s
was among the first to collect ancient workshop traditions for
modern use in studios, emphasizing functional work. It became an
immediate hit among potters who embraced its ideal of unity,
spontaneity, and simplicity of form. Leach, considered the father of
British studio pottery, went on to establish of one of the most
respected studios in the world with the ideas of A Potter’s Book
at its foundation.

With this classic book, potters can learn
everything, from how to set up their workshop to how to adapt pigment
and glaze recipes to how to design custom kilns. It spotlights four
types of pottery: Japanese raku, English slipware, stoneware, and
oriental porcelain. Thanks to Leach’s time in Japan and collaborations
with master potter Shoji Hamada, it also serves as a fascinating look at
the interplay between Eastern and Western art.

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Aug 23, 2012

Still mid-way thru reading this book and will likely not complete it once Leach goes into the finer technicalities of pottery making; however, I have always admired Leach's philosophical approach to the arts and crafts, in particular, of Japan and its pottery traditions. The early part of the book is about aesthetics and a cross-cultural examination of the pottery arts as it is perceived in the East and in the West. Having read Leach long time ago, I do now appreciate re-reading him again.

Apr 14, 2018

Unlike most dated books, this treatise on pottery has not really gone out of date. There are certainly processes and ingredients that have changed in the intervening time, but his descriptions of methods and understanding of form are timeless. Anyone serious about pottery should have this book in their collection, especially if you wish to understand the modern growth of the home pottery industry in England and North America.

Mar 26, 2019

This is the book if you want to learn about artisan pottery production in England and Japan from 100 years ago. Some of the technical details and aesthetic arguments are hard to follow because of the passage of time.

Aug 26, 2018

Pretty outdated, but still a fantastic little primer on Ceramic studio production with a little history thrown in.

Sep 09, 2019

The Bible of bibles to do with pottery things. Thank you Mr Leach.

Feb 03, 2009

Hugely influential for potters and aficionados everywhere, but infuriatingly old-fashioned regarding our perception of the East.

Jun 26, 2009

The beginning of a studio pottery literacy for so many of us. Though I don't agree with all of his philosophy and approach, this book was very important to me.

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